October 25, 2021


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‘Hunt the Johnsons’: Spooky comedy podcast series is getting audible

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Just in time for Halloween, the supernatural comedy podcast series “Hunt the Johnsons” – starring Aisha Dey as the actress possessing paranormal powers, who moved to America’s most haunted city – is coming to Shravan.

The scripted series of 1 – episode was launched in October as a melodic original. In addition to D (“Bold Type”), “Hunt the Johnsons” star Joel Kim Booster (“Fire Island”) and veteran voice actor Kristen Skull (“Bob Burger,” “Gravity Falls”).

In this series, NYC teenager Luna Johnson (D) becomes an overarching medium and starts to crack from seeing ghosts everywhere. When she convinces her psychiatric parents of her new abilities, they assume Luna is going through a mental-health crisis and takes the family to the small town of Dudstad, New York সহ with their unknown পাঁচ five neurotic ghosts (two of which are booster and shawl vocals). Gave).

Luna, hiding her abilities from her parents, to learn more about ghosts and to be a medium that truly applies. But as he begins to delve deeper into the lifeless crowd at Dudstad, mysterious forces are eager to stop Luna from helping the demons.

“Hunt the Johnsons” was produced by Mandy Johnson, Joel Mandelkorn, Alex Hanpator and Jude Tedmory; Written by Anna Greenfield, Johnson, Mandelkorn, Hanpator and Jude Tedmore; And directed by James Batchman. The series is produced by OK Fine and Cliff Clips.

Other cast members of the podcast include Shalita Grant, Langston Kerman, Rich Fulcher, Rebecca Johnson, Matt McCarthy, Christina Catherine Martinez, Baron Vaughn, Andy Peters and Barry Rothbert. “Hunt the Johnsons” features voice actors Kurt Brownholler, Natalie Palamides, Courtney Pauroso, Sicily Jenkins, Erin Lampart, Gareth Reynolds, Garrick Bernard, James Batchman, Steve Hernandez, and Tianen.

Picture above (L. to R.): Ayesha D, Joel Kim Booster, Kristen Skull

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