October 16, 2021


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Hunter Schaefer tells sweet stories about the Lord in the power of women’s speech

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Hunter Schaefer was able to present a prize to his new friend-Ella Yelich-O’Connor tonight, or, as the rest of us know him, Lord.

But, before they became friends, Schaefer was introduced to the Lord like all of us, he said in his speech while introducing the honored person at the Variety’s Power of Women event: through his 2013 song “Royals”.

“Lord’s first album and song were everything. For a lot of young people like me, it felt like we got on the album and its singer,” said “Euphoria” actor, model and LGBTQ + worker.

Schaefer then went on to delight the audience with his personal connection to the Lord’s music, saying that there was a special magic in sharing women and women, and that New Zealand music had helped him discover his “inner strength.” She thought the “Pure Heroine” album served as a map to find “our true essence” and called that power a “superpower” because young people were able to cast a spell on adolescence while listening to her songs.

Schaefer noted that, last month, Lord released his third album “Solar Power,” describing it as part of the Schaefer industry that “calls us to connect with nature and reset our priorities in a world full of phones, social media apps and The camera. ”He then recalled that Lord had said in a past interview that his 2019 trip to Antarctica, which reconnected with the singer planet, was the catalyst for creating a nature-filled record.

“Over the past year, the Lord has used his powerful voice, words and presence to encourage environmentalism and raise awareness of the growing problem of climate change. For many of our young people, this is an important issue of our time,” Schaefer added. And can we make it a safer place not only for us to live, but for our children and their children?

The Lord has partnered with 350 Aotearoa, the New Zealand branch of the International Climate Movement 350.org, to help advocate for a ban on fossil fuels in the near future.

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