March 25, 2023


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‘I will not be erased’ – Variety

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In a new interview with Vulture, Anita White, aka Lady A, a Seattle singer who sued this week over the country’s team calling herself Lady A, said she now believes the band was not performing in good faith at the time it was initially seen. Like positive and fruitful discussions in June.

The White website said, “I think they always knew what to do.

The group claims the lawsuit, formerly known as Lady Antblam, has a legal trademark in the name and is seeking no damages from it, but is only asking a Tennessee court to establish that both artists could share Monica. In a statement, the band said talks broke down after White’s new intellectual property attorneys asked the country’s trio for 100 million.

White confirmed the শ 10 million demand in an interview with Vulture, and author Andrea Williams explained what his intentions were when he agreed to the deal.

Williams wrote, “White said it was just a request for the resources needed to support himself and perhaps more importantly the entire black community. He told me his plan would use ৫ 5 million to rebrand, with more than 20 years in the game. Start working as an artist – without Lady Antblam’s high-powered labels and operating machines. Another মিল 50 million was donated to her favorite charities, which provide support to other distinctive black artists. “

Since the claim was made by his lawyers on July 3 – and apparently rejected by Nashville Group attorneys – “I was quiet for two weeks,” White said in the article, “because I was trying to believe it was going to be okay and they understand that It’s easier to just change their name or pay me for my name. Five million dollars is nothing and I’m worth it no matter what they think. “

He continued, “But again we are trying to get something from a white man with a black man, even though they say they are trying to help. If you want to be a lawyer or an ally, help those you are oppressing. And for that. You have to leave something because I won’t delete it. “

The band, previously known as Lady Antebellum, had filed a lawsuit against the band in 2010 for the legal trademark “Lady A” and it was granted in 2011, although White released his first album in 2010. Its use by both laws dates back to even earlier dates – to 200, in the case of bands, when they began using it as a nickname after it came to national attention; In White’s case, until the turn of the century, when he was using it for more modest jigs in the Northwest.

Lady Antbelam announced in early June that they had officially given the name to their less offensive nickname because of their sensitivity to racial considerations, saying they had become more educated about the Confederacy and the “Antbelam” association with slavery in the South. And the presence of a longtime lady came as a shock perhaps to the group and its representatives, who were quickly attacked for not researching to find out if their nickname had already been used by a black artist for a recording for several years.

Tensions seem to have subsided when White and the group took part in a zoom call on June 15th; Both later came to social media and said that fruitful discussions were going on and healing was taking place, but Williams wrote that White felt pressured when he was “repeatedly asked to take a picture that they could post on social media.”

Williams clarified his position in his article: “Black people know the game; we have PhDs in white hegemony, even if white people are ignorant of its existence,” he wrote. “To turn this pivoting and PR spinning into a crime to replace white winners.” The powerless have already been deployed to stem the tide of guilt and shame.

The vulture author acknowledges that the 11-year-old trademark could be permanently legal in the country. However, he added, “It’s almost ridiculous that the band thinks it’s the best way to move the law enforcement forward, but they’ll follow it now … if nothing else, their racist bubble of country music, disregarded by lawsuits and more.” Talking to people who can easily move around as they please, black life will be harmed. “

In a statement on Wednesday, the band said: “We hope that Anita and the mentors she is listening to now will change their minds about their attitude. … We can do much more together than just conflict. They said they actually started writing a song together that they would publish jointly – touched a bit in the new article, telling William that the group wanted to record their collaboration, in a documentary-style, a suggestion that came up when the singer broke up the discussion. Down in the last two weeks

“You don’t just want to get the rights because you have those special rights,” White said, justifying how important the legal trademark is from his point of view, and why it felt more fair to ask why the band was willing to give up. . “We don’t have that luxury or that opportunity, so we need someone to help us and make us stand out.”

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