March 29, 2023


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IATSE leaders unanimously support President – Joe Biden for diversity

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In today’s Film News Roundup, IATSE supports Joe Biden, “Toy Story 4” director Josh Cooley is connected to Sony’s “Malamandar”, “Electric Car Racing Documentary” and “We Green” Halu and the inaugural Outstream Film Fest.

Biden ends

The General Executive Board of the International Coalition of Theatrical Stage Employees has unanimously voted in favor of Joe Biden, the supposedly Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

Below The Line Union, which has nearly 1.5 million members in North America, cited in a statement Tuesday its “extensive record and history of fighting for workers’ rights and working families.”

“Under the current administration and across the country, workers’ unions are being attacked, including policies that reduce workers’ right to collective bargaining, and reduce workers’ wages, benefits and retirement protections,” the IATSE said. “Joe Biden has consistently prioritized issues that affect IATSE members and their families – starting with organizing unions to protect our earned pension checks and healthcare, and protecting workers’ rights for higher wages and better benefits.

The IATSE backed Hillary Clinton in 2010 and 2008 and President Barack Obama in 2008. IATSE International President Matthew Loeb revealed during a May press conference that the union would mobilize Biden to support the presidential election.

The IATSE statement did not name President Donald Trump and concluded by saying, “Joe Biden has presented a significant and undeniable contrast to the current administration regarding the leadership and support of the working people.”

Project launched

“Toy Story 4” director Josh Cooley will make his debut by directing his live-action adaptation of the children’s book “Malamander”.

Thomas Taylor writes, the first story in a series about “Malamander” “The Legend of Erie-on-Sea” after the expedition of Herbert Lemon and his friend Violet Parmar. Peter Kong will oversee the project on behalf of Sony Pictures.

Cooley won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for “Toy Story 4” and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for “Inside Out”.

He has been re-positioned in Grandview and Jacques Austen Tierman Wartimer Mandelbaum Maurice Bernstein Tratner and Klein. Taylor is represented by Christy McLachlan at David Godwin Associates.

‘Green’ documentary

The electric car racing documentary “And We Go Green” will be flown exclusively to Hulu in the United States. The film will set for the premiere of the service on June 4.

The film is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Fisher Stevens, Christopher St. John, Jennifer Davison, and produced by Zara Duffy and executive produced by John Kamen, Dave Sirulnik, Justin Wilkes, Alejandro Agag and Rick Yarn.

“O We Green” screened at the Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival in 2019. It is directed by Fisher Stevens and Malcolm Venville. Stevens and DiCaprio previously collaborated on a “documentary” on climate change, “Before the Flood.”

Stevens and Venville said, “Originally, we thought we’d make a film about the environment.” We realized that the best way to focus the world’s attention on climate change is to make a film about people – in this case, race drivers and the racing series forever disrupted. An Encouragement with a Vision to Do Athletes Citakarana electronic technology and covers the heart of the world’s largest cities with resinyera. This is an incredible, inspirational and exciting film. “

Film Exhibition

The inaugural Outstream Film Fest, which will make its debut on June 1-7, is scheduled to be the opening film of Michael Burnett’s “Changing the Game” and David Charles Rodriguez’s “Gay Chorus Deep South.”

The LGBTQIA + Centered Film Festival offers a selection of films to celebrate undergraduate films around the world, including the initial 11 titles from 10 countries.

Ben McCarthy, co-founder and co-director of Flow, said, “With the announcement of these first 11 films from around the world, we are thrilled to announce that people from all over the world, any sexual identity, are entertained, touched, enlightened and impressed.” As one.

Other titles include Leon Lee’s Vietnamese play “Song of the Song”, “Audrey Jean-Baptiste’s Documentary” Fantastic, “Santiago Lodger’s scientific film” Brief Story from the Green Planet “and Ruth Cowdaley’s” Colombian Star Wars “. ”

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