March 25, 2023


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If the governor of Arkansas goes ahead with Friday’s concert – police action threatens in various ways

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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson doubled the state’s plan to block the socially marginalized, low-power Travis McCreedy concert for Friday, saying law enforcement would be used if necessary. The state on Tuesday issued a stay order against the event.

The event, to be held at Templelive Venue in Fort Smith, was hailed by stock analysts as a test to revive the concert industry before the Live Nations quarterly earnings last week.

It has been marked by opposition statements and agendas. Inland spaces, including Arakanas and regional theaters, may be able to reduce less by following social distance measures until May 18. Although TempleLive says its social capacity has been reduced to 20% to allow for distance, the governor has ordered that reconstruction of the state will not officially begin until May 16, and the concert is scheduled for May 15.

A reporter told TempleLive that reporters did not agree to remove the concert, according to an interview with the media on Tuesday, to which the governor replied, “I am not aware of this information. We have issued a stay order and we expect the law to be complied with.” [Any attempt to go ahead with the concert] Will be frustrating and will obviously face some consequences if they follow that direction.

“I think sponsors, when they know the concert shouldn’t be under the Health Guidelines department, will use their good judgment and not participate.”

Asked by another reporter what the consequences might be, the governor said, “I don’t want to go too far down that path,” before elaborating. , And there may be other remedies. So let’s take this step at once and I think common sense will prevail. And they are part of the order will follow the periods of prohibition “”

Asked by a third reporter how the concert venue differs from a church where limited public gatherings are allowed, the governor reiterated that the concert scheduled for Friday does not comply with official reopening instructions and is aware of the venue; Another government official noted the significant differences between churches and concert venues, as well as the fact that the concert “expects people from different states to increase the risk of Covid 19 infection.”

Mike Brown, a spokesman for the scene, did not immediately respond DiversityAsked for comment, he told Arkansas 40-29 News on Tuesday that the shutdown order was “really disappointing. I went a little blind, and was a little annoyed to hear it at the press conference,” Brown said. Percentage brought back to the field and it’s still not good enough “Brown

He told the channel that he was waiting to receive a copy of the ceasefire and sanctions order and would then make a decision on Thursday.

“I mean, music is essential and I clearly don’t agree with that,” Brown said.

According to the concert’s ticketmaster page, Temple planned to sanitize the venue using a live fog sprayer and required all attendees and staff to wear masks, as well as to post temperature checks to attendees at entrances, all seating groups or “fan pods” separated by six. Rest the 10 foot guy along the steps Restrict gare.

Concert tickets are on sale until Wednesday afternoon.

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