October 25, 2021


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iHeartRadio Music Festival: Backstage with Khalid, Nellie, 24kGoldn

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In strict COVID-19 protocol, the iHeartRadio Music Festival returns to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas over the weekend. Performances with Dua Lipa, Phineas, Nellie and Weisser on Friday night in Saturday’s lineup with Quadplay, Billy Ilish, Khalid and Sam Hunt began the showcase of the concert. Daytime Stage is back with Olivia Rodrigo, The Kid Laroi, All Time Low, Youngblood and many more. Diversity When they come to the new music they return to the stage and return to the stage after the epidemic test and discover Billy Ilish. Here’s what we learned.

A new EP of Khalid is coming

He recently announced it would take some extra time to complete his upcoming “Everything is Changing”, but fans will still get new music from Khalid. The 23-year-old musician said Diversity His work has an EP.

“This album is very special to me. [It’s] A part of me, so I want to make sure I’m happy before everything comes out. But I plan to release an EP soon, ”he said. “It’s working and I can’t wait to get music to the world.”

Khalid dropped his single “New Normal” at the launch of Virgin Galactic Unity 22 in July, but told fans on Twitter in August that finishing his album had become irresistible and that he would “find that joy again”. Despite such challenges, he said the epidemic would otherwise have fed his creativity.

“It has inspired me a lot. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. I like to be a musician and be an artist, but sometimes things can get overwhelming, so when I had time to focus again this thing made me even more excited.

It’s all about Billy

Elish was a hot topic, with everything from the country’s cron Sam Hunt to Khalid and 2K to Gold.

Hunt recalled the teenager’s discovery of music and instant surprise a few years ago. “I stumbled across some songs on a playlist and it was like, ‘Who is this?’ So I looked at him and listened and followed him, ”said Hunt, who performed his new single“ 23 ”and told us that he plans to release more songs later this year.“ I like his voice and his songwriting. It’s been a lot of fun listening to an artist early in his career and seeing the trajectory – and he’s got a skyscraper. ”

YouTube pop singer Canaan Gray and actor Asher Angel were also expected to catch Hilsa’s performance when Derek Huff was seen coming out of the stage next to his set.

Meanwhile, Khalid shared how proud he is for Ilish, with whom he collaborated on the 2018 track “Beautiful”.

“Billy is incredible – and so is Phineas,” he said. “Very beautiful, very dear and always great. I am more than happy to see the amount of success he has achieved in such a short time, but I know there has been a lot of work done. I am always proud of him.”

Nellie has another country album, including All-Female Collaborators

Releasing her country-inspired album “Heartland” with songs by Ken Brown, Darius Rocker and Florida Georgia Line, Nellie has confirmed that she is planning a follow-up featuring female country stars. Despite being silent on who he could work with, he described his ongoing country initiatives as a piece of advice to fans of the genre who have supported him throughout his career.

“I’ve done a good job of setting my career for the moment and being free of music,” said the 46-year-old Texas native, who joined the Florida Georgia Line for their collaborations on “Lil Beat” and “Cruise.” Lets do different things and have success with them, so [country] Not different. It really feels special and innovative to me and it’s giving me back what they gave me worldwide [started] My career and love it so much. ”

Cheap Trick rocker Rick Nielsen is a Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler fanboy

Singer, guitarist … and “dance moms” fan! Cheap trick Rick Nielsen interrupted DiversityInterview with “Dance Moms” by Maddie Ziegler, 18, and Mackenzie Ziegler, 17, to take a selfie. The two were discussing their new iHeartRadio podcast “Take 20 with Maddie and Kenji”, when Nielsen asked for a photo, to which Maddie replied politely, “Of course, but we’re doing an interview very soon.”

“It’s more important,” Nielsen replied.

Taking a selfie with the pair, Nielsen exclaimed, “Hell yes!” When we asked if he was a fan of the sisters.

Maddie then compliments the musician on her jacket, before she presents the female guitar pick and leaves on her way to prepare for the Friday night set of cheap tricks.

“We are lucky to have played here for so many years since we were together [and] Lucky for helping our kids in the band, “Nielsen said of being able to perform again.” We couldn’t ask for more than that. “

Lazy loaded pictures

Getty Images for iHeartMedia
Getty for iHeartMedia

24k Golden Hopes “Mood” Inspires Others Because 2020 Smash Hits 1 Billion Spins

After receiving the Titanium Award for reaching a total of one billion viewers in 2021 with its breakout hit “Mood”, 24kGoldn shared the hope of inspiring others with its success.

“I received this first award from the High School Service Award or something else, so it’s nice to be recognized for the work I and my friends have done,” he said. “I hope someone else sees it – who looks like me or one of the things I mention – and says, ‘If he can do it, I can do it.’ And it inspires and motivates them to do what they are interested in doing.

The 20-year-old rapper believes that the track has been created ignoring the boundaries of authenticity and genre, which is iann dior, universally interesting. “You can’t put a box on it because it’s a pop song? Is it a rock song? Is it a rap song? I don’t even know. It has crossed all these different boundaries. [and] I think that’s why people like it. It does not isolate anyone. ”

Chrissy Metz holds back tears in the final season of “It’s Us”

“It’s Us” star Chrissy Metz portrayed Kate Pearson on NBC’s “This Is Us” and tried to shed tears as she reflected on the end of her Golden Globe-winning journey.

“It simply came to our notice then [changed my life] In every way, ”said the 40-year-old actress. “I just have a lot of gratitude. Don’t understand my cries! I watch a masterclass every day when I go to work and learn a lot from all these incredible actors. And, I’m going to play the role of a woman that a lot of other people see for themselves, so it’s just awesome.

Metz is currently filming the sixth and final season of the show, which he has blown up on a rocky road. “Eventually there’s going to be some off and some pretty satisfying, but along the way, it’s going to be very hindrance.”

Youngblood was ready for a big night in Vegas with Luis Capaldi

The 2-year-old musician and actor laughed Saturday after performing on the daytime stage, “We’ll probably be able to do some mischief tonight.” “Lewis is also in Vegas and he is a good friend of mine. Be careful, Vegas!

Britt added that hitting the stage at the 2021 Eihart Radio Music Festival was a moment he had waited two years for and would never allow after the epidemic trial. “I’m not the person who sits quietly in his bedroom and puts his fingers together,” he said. “I am alive and breathing for this business which we call rock‘ n ’roll, so I was sick today. I love it. “

“I have written a lot [while stuck at home] And we’ve done a remote TV show from my home, but besides that it was annoying, ”he added.“ It was annoying. Now that we’re back, I’m like a hot pan – I’m not going to be off the road until 2024 and I’m fucking for it here.

Behind Donnie Osmond and ready for the boogie – after not being able to walk 18 months ago

He was temporarily paralyzed and had to learn to walk again, but there were no signs of physical injury as Donik Osmond arrived at Nellie’s set with musician John Dreto on Friday night. The 63-year-old musician underwent debilitating complications after back and neck surgery in 2011, then wondered if he would be able to walk or dance again.

“I was walking a year and a half ago, but it didn’t stop me-I’m back on stage dancing in the storm again,” Osmond said. Donnie in Las Vegas, Harare. ” “It’s scary for a while when you can’t walk and in 18 months you’re expected to dance like crazy. I did it, but it took a lot of work – and I was recording my th5th album at the same time.

“It’s incredible,” he added about returning to the stage for his residence. “It’s the biggest single I’ve ever done together and we’ve just expanded into 2022, so we’re excited.”

Debbie Gibson was Joey McIntyre’s “lifeline” during the epidemic

With limited engagement at The Venetian Resort’s Sands showroom, the block’s new kids move straight off the stage at T-Mobile Arena, where member Joey McIntyre shared that working on the show with Debbie Gibson gave him last year.

The pair – who also released a version of Gibson’s 1989 hit “In Your Eyes” – ended the Las Vegas show on Sunday night with the cover of Celine Dion, Elton John and Dua Lipper.

“During the epidemic, he had a lifeline to keep me busy, to do what I love to do, and to look forward to doing something,” McIntyre said. “We’re finally here and it’s been great.”

Gibson, 51, released his first new original pop album “The Body Remembers” in 20 years in August. “It’s a very deep feeling, because people really want music, escape and connection at the moment and I’m very present for this experience,” he said. “In previous years, everything was like a drive-by, moving very fast. It was a whirlwind, so it was really amazing to take on this moment.

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