October 25, 2021


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In the case of Film Summit, Kindness sets up an online default conference

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Many of the industry’s brightest are proud of the first online conference at The Film Summit on September 30th.

Speakers at the event include Bianca Gavin (Pulse Films), B. Devine (Sky), Gareth Anwin (Screenskills), Jules Hussey (Brazen Productions), Sara Putt (Sara Putt Associates), David Vikari (Industrial Light and Magic), Actors and founders Primetime Network) and Paul Brett (Flying Tiger Entertainment).

Also, Casting Director Shakira Dowling, John Madens (BBC Studios), Chris Overton (Slick Films), Producer Sunshine Jackson Underhill, Line Langback (Film Rising), Pinky Lilani (Leadership Kindness), Will Haye, Will Haye (Film & TV Charity), Eta O’Brien (Intimacy on Set), Robin Miller (Chrysalis Records), Sadhav Murphy (Network Ireland Television), Bob Clark (MAMA Youth), Michelle White (six feet from Spotlight) and Anna Southe Penwoman) will also speak on the occasion.

Writer and actor Zara Janjua, Sajid Varda (UK Muslim film), producer Candida Julian-Jones, psychotherapist and former channel commission commissioning editor Tamara Abud, Joy Al-Attas (Creative Futures Collective), Adam Rubinak, Malik & NYC Dock), April Kelly (Mini Production), Gar O’Brien (IFTA), Executive Coach Lacey McLaughlin and Tania Degree (Kalmar) will be in attendance.

TV presenter and culture expert Nick Eddy and actor and filmmaker Mika Simmons will host the show throughout the day.

Promila Puri (“ETC”), a producer working in the film industry, is the founder of the UK charity Be Kind Movement and the creator of the Kind Invest program. A more harmonious and productive work environment for organizations and individuals.

The purpose of the summit is to highlight the importance of a compassionate and more understanding approach to work, especially as the world emerges from the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic and reconsiders how many industries can best communicate with its workers. The conference seeks to change the film industry and spotlight the pioneering champions.

“If the industry wants to be enriched with new talent, inspiring workers and freelancers, to be committed, inclusive and representative in creating high-quality work in a non-toxic work environment with happy and low mental health events, then the urgent moment is the demand for change,” Puri said. .

“This change requires a cultural change in organizational and individual thinking and behavior that builds respect, empathy, and empathy for oneself and others. Affects the bottom line, ”Puri added.

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