September 18, 2021


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‘In the Heights’ soundtrack album has reached the same heights as the film

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Lynn-Manuel Mirander’s hilarious celebration in the Washington Heights neighborhood, “In Heights in” has finally hit the big screen and features HBO Max 7 and Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and all the other DSPOs, for a soundtrack that goes above and beyond. And visually pleasing visual convenience.

Taken from Broadway Musical, the story centers on the story of Bodega owner Usanvi (Anthony Ramos), who discovers his mother-and-pop stop-shop and sells a winning lottery ticket. Starring Melissa Barrera, Leslie Grace, Corey Hawkins, Jimmy Smiths and Olga Meredith. Whenever the original casting recording features Miranda in the lead role, the Atlantic Records soundtrack showcases the extraordinary talent of this new cast, sung by old favorites with a new written closing song, “Home All Summer.”

The musical dehards will immediately notice the changes in the song … and for some people it will inevitably cut it. After spending a night together, Nina and Benny sang “Sunrise”, and wrote a “twin story” between Usanvi and Abuela Claudia to sing about what they would do with the lottery money. The song that Kevin sang announcing Abella Claudia’s pass is missing “Attense”. And MIA is the character of Nina’s mother Camilla Rosario, who changes the dynamics between college student Nina, her father and their story.

The good news is, despite these omissions, the album is still a scourge. For the movement of numbers, director John M. Chu allowed his creative stamp to be placed in the movie and created the key stamp. This means that the Deerhards will hand him the keys to the Screen Kingdom from the stage with open arms or arms.

Delighted by the character of Anthony Ramos Jr. Usnavir, he is in the beginning number of the story for the audience and the audience, “at the height.” Let his voice rush or sing from beginning to end. He introduces himself, neighbors and key players to a song that is a lively mix of Latin, pop and R&B. This is Ramos ’first major lead role. And you can’t say.

Melissa Barra’s suitable partner is Vanessa Usnavi; Even through pure listening experience you lead to coming together. The identity of his belting snaps as he holds his notes in a fashion worthy of Broadway performance. Gregory Diaz stole the show at “96,000” with his single during the fourth Sony hip-hop-infused number. The fantasy number is one more piece so everyone has a chance to imagine what they will do with the money from this winning lottery.

Most welcome of all the changes that have taken place on stage and on screen: Fans who mentioned Donald Trump’s name on the song on the Broadway cast album during this issue have suffered that they have been replaced by the Tiger Woods callout.

Olga Meredis, in the role of Abuela Claudia, flexed her germs in “Passionia y Fe”. In musical instruments, the song is used as an announcement: he has won the lottery. The movie version not only captures the suspense of who a child can win, the song comes just moments before he dies and is a reflection of the sacrifice he made and his portrayal of emigrating to America. “America is fresh from the boat. In early December 1933, the crowded American city was icy, learning to learn American ropes, espionage, I remember, everyone in society was dancing with Mr. Mayor La Guardia to welcome my aunt and me,” he sang. There is no doubt about the efficiency of the marriage in giving any number. He’s protesting his role from Broadway but his energy is hitting hard here as if he’s discovering the part for the first time, spreading the passion of the journey for tear-jerking highlights.

On a light note, the salon women who mistress the hair, nails and gossip are played by Daphne Rubin-Vega who plays the role of Daniela. She brings her smoking voice to the soundtrack with her signature smoky vocal tone which is one of the most fictional and commanding female characters ever written.

Carla and Kuka (Stephanie Beatriz and Dasha Polanco) on her side are enjoying the admiration of the Rubin-Vega delivery.

It is in “Carnaval del Barrio” where the power of the hit music of the listener’s melody should be as high as possible. Rubin-Vega takes this community-based heritage theatrical celebration to the fullest, as the women in the saloon bid farewell to the neighborhood after a set price, the theme of the music, dance and culture film ends in a single, glorious number.

Miranda has created her cameo and gift audience with “Home All Summer” starring Anthony Ramos, Leslie Grace and Mark Anthony. The song starred in the film’s last credits and is a Latin-pop connected number that is full of fun and energy while running home points.

It is a rarity that an original cast recording for a music and the soundtrack of the next film finds an equal place in the hearts of fans of any show, but here it is likely to happen; Choosing the touch that should come first in a playlist would be a definite problem.

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