September 22, 2021


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In the Super Hero Stories Emmy Music category

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Not too long ago, “genre” elements – horror, science fiction, fantasy composers saw an Oscar or Emmy nomination as long-term, because voters didn’t seem to take these projects seriously.

But times have changed. Six of the 11 nominees in Emmy’s two narrative-fiction music categories have some elements of sci-fi, fantasy or horror, as well as two nominated songs, two main-title themes and four nominated music supervisors.

Why Turnout? Variety asked several of this year’s music nominees for their thoughts and each gave a slightly different answer.

“When you talk about award recognition, a lot of the time it’s really about what’s in the collective consciousness,” said Jeff Russo (“Fargo”), the TV Academy’s music governor. “Jenner’s film and television shows are at the top of the collective consciousness for a variety of reasons: the kind of storytelling that’s about escaping, and we’ve had a lot of escapes in the last two years. Much depends.

Christoph Beck (“Wandavision”), whose previous Emmy Joy was a genre show (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” 23 years ago), mentions the “world-building” aspect of writing songs for the supernatural. “As a composer, you can really draw all your creative energy into creating a world of music that is as ambitious and imaginative as the visual world that is supposed to be with them.”

He points to the success of “Game of Thrones”, which won a back-to-back Emmy for composer Ramin Jazawadi, as a tipping point. “It was such a cultural event, with amazing storytelling and incredible acting,” Beck says. “Many of us shoulder the burden of what that represents.”

Christopher Lenartz, nominated for a song from the destructive superhero series “The Boys” this year যা which is also recognized in the Drama Series category মনে thinks the comic-book worldwide success of comic-books such as “Black Panther”, “Wonder Woman” and “Captain.” Led to awakening.

Lenartz says: “This year, there was an earthquake. There is a distinct step towards more diverse, deeper and more truthful presentation of genre elements. At the same time, you have a generation of voters who wrote genre films and TV 15 years ago. About representation and fairness. “

Lenartz added that the idea of ​​”voters have changed, society has changed” and “superhero stories” is now very different from what viewers saw decades ago. “We now have the latitude to do less-predictable genre shows and movies and we were rewarded this year for taking those opportunities.”

Kristin Anderson-Lopez, the double nominee for her and Robert Lopez’s songs “Wandavision” (title song, reflecting decades of TV themes in different versions, and the amazing hit “Agatha All Along”), Marvel said, “Out of the box, bold kind of storytelling. Known for “and” Vandavision “his keynote address on grief.

“When you think about what this year is all about, and what we’ve all given up, we all have deep trauma around all the losses and we’ve snatched away the way we lived normal lives,” he said. “And yet [the miniseries] It is processed through the love of bright technicolor, stylized, TV lenses. I think that’s how all of us were processing our grief. We could see ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’.

Photo: Jeff Russo

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