/Insult to Seth Rosen and Ted Cruz Exchange on Twitter

Insult to Seth Rosen and Ted Cruz Exchange on Twitter

Seth Rosen and Sen. Ted Cruz have been busy on the heated Twitter exchange for a few days now, spanning everything from the Paris climate deal to the Disney movie “Fantasia.”

It all started on the opening day, when Cruz criticized President Joe Biden for re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement, to which Rosen replied: “Get you away from fascism.”

Cruz posted a screenshot of the conversation after the activity, adding to another tweet: “Charming, civic, educated response. @ Shethrogen If you’re a rich, angry Hollywood celebrity, today’s dams are a party for you if you’re a blue collar, if you’re a union member, if you work with energy or production না not so much. “

“If you’re a white hegemonic fascist, don’t mind if someone calls your wife ugly, Ted Cruz is a motherfucker for you,” Rosen said, adding, “I’m in the four unions too.”

The controversy resurfaced the next day, when Cruz’s quote raised the question in MGM Studios’ post, “Did you see the first film in theaters?” Cruz wrote, “Fantasia. It was playing in a movie revival. It scares me; I cried – I was 4. My mother had to take me out. Good time. “

On January 22, Rosen replied: “Everyone who made this picture will hate you.”

“They are all dead. So I think we’re fine. And Walt Disney was a Republican, ”Cruz responded. “Even if you treat Torah online like a Marxist (shouting ‘FU! FU!’ Is really clever), your movies are still very funny. I’m sure you enjoyed it and you hated it. “

Rose then told Cruz that Tourette actually had a mild incident, adding: “I’m so happy again when I ask myself to fuck myself again.” “There are also very few cases of Tourette’s manifestation of uncontrolled swearing. In most cases, like me, the twists are revealed, ”Rosen added.

Following that tweet, Rosen said, “Putting all the jokes aside, @SadCruise is a fascist piece,” Cruz replied: “Putting all the jokes aside, @Sethrogen is a death knell. It’s your party that believes in government power: shutting down your business, Oppressing your beliefs and censoring your speech. Anyone who disagrees, they try to reject it. BTW, many people in Hollywood are conservative – and fascinated by the fascist left. “

It seemed to be the last straw, Rosen, who fired back: “You literally inspired a deadly revolt that you fooled.”

Cruz has not yet responded to the tweet, but Rose continued to express her dislike of Cruz, saying Jan supported Cruz’s attack on the Capital in January and Trump’s attempt to overturn the election results. “It’s not Twitter’s ‘hostility’. @SteadCruise tried to overthrow our government, “Rosen tweeted.” He incited a deadly mob to storm the capital. And I think it’s ridiculous. So fuck him. “

“Your lies killed people,” Rosen added in another tweet. “You have blood on your hands.”

Notable members of Hollywood joined in defending Rajen, praising him for calling Cruz.

“Ted Cruz is cosplaying the inexperienced Trump so embarrassing,” wrote Billy Eichner, “Sweetie, you * don’t * have. You’re not just a star! Sorry!”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who co-wrote “50/50” and “The Night Four” with Rosen, helped explain the senator’s daily anger.

“Mr. Senator, as a non-threatening friend of @SetHrogen, perhaps I can translate ‘fascist’ into more captivating and civic terms,” ​​Gordon-Levitt wrote. “Your support reminds supporters of Hitler, Mussolini and others of the former president’s efforts to hold democratic elections unfounded.”

Michael Herbert Schurr, co-creator of “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office”, directed by Ken Trendandas, wrote on Twitter: Hi, ডStadros is angry ম desperate to fight Cethrogens so everyone discusses this and not to capture Trump’s base and 2024. He has made an incredible effort to overthrow fair elections in order to run for president. Let’s focus on the next one. “

Representatives of Cruz and Rosen did not respond immediately DifferentRequest for comment.