September 22, 2021


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Introducing Instagram Reels: TickTock Copyright available in 50 countries

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Reels have been spread on Instagram – and the newly launched short-form video feature looks a lot like a tick.

With Reels, Instagram app users can record, edit, share and discover up to 15 seconds of audio and music, including millions of songs licensed from music companies. Instagram Reels is launching today (August 5) in more than 50 countries, including the United States, India, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

“People always come to Instagram to express themselves and be entertained,” said Tessa Lyons, director of product management at Instagram. Reels will be “a big part of the future of entertainment on Instagram.”

Kevin Mayer, CEO of TickTock, aimed at social giants for mimicry last week, wrote in a blog post: “We welcome Ticket to the competition … to those who want to launch a competitive product.” We say turn it on. Facebook is launching even other copyrighted products, reels (tied to Instagram), their other copyright lasso after it quickly failed. “

And the issue of Facebook’s poaching ideas was raised during last week’s congressional antitrust hearing over Big Tech’s anti-practices. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could not deny that the company “must have adapted to the leadership features of others,” he testified.

The future of the US tick is now uncertain – Microsoft is expected to pull out of a deal to buy the app from China’s ByteDance by September 15 under the direction of the Trump administration – here comes the Instagram reel.

According to Lyons, Instagram Reels will complement the app’s other video features, including Stories (copied from Snapchat), for live and IGTV long-form content.

Instagram is capping the reel at 15 seconds, the same length as TickTock’s default video setting, although TickTock allows video up to 60 seconds. (In 2013, Instagram originally started with a 15-minute cap on the video before it was extended to one minute.) If there are no restrictions, “there can be pressure to be long-form,” Leon said. Capturing the reels in 15 seconds, it “expresses a lot in a short time.”

Lyons said “a few million” songs are available on Instagram Reels. News feeds with companies including Facebook Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music fall under the same license for lip-syncing embedded in Facebook stores.

Instagram users can choose to share their release videos only with friends and followers – or, by default, they will be publicly available in a new case in the app’s Explorer section.

Service Explorer-featured reels will display “Best Trending Culture on Instagram” in a personalized vertical feed (like a tick). Hope you find it entertaining and exciting. “

Instagram Reels includes augmented-reality filters with many effects that both Instagram and the creator have created. Instagram reels video editing tools like TickTock provide a 3 second countdown timer. The ReelsAline tool allows creators to create different lines in the same video (like the TickTock duets feature) Like TickTock, Instagram Reels allows you to select or slow down your favorite video or audio parts that can help you hit or create slower videos. .

In addition to music clips, Instagram users can record their own audio from their phone’s microphone. Those original-audio clips can then be shared to other Instagram relays for remixes in their videos (and the original creator is blamed), La La Tiktok.

Instagram is working to share “original audio” clips with Hollywood studios and other entertainment companies. An Instagram representative declined to elaborate, saying, “We are working with our TV and movie partners across large and independent studios to make their audio clips available to real users for launch.”

For now, Instagram will not include relay ads, although Leon said Instagram is regularly exploring new forms of monetization.

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