October 23, 2021


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Iria Gomez Conceiro, ‘Here Be Dragons,’ co-produced in Guadalajara

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Mexican producer-director Iria Gomez Conceiro is unveiling Guadalajara’s “Here Be Dragons”, co-produced by his own label Ciudad Cinema with Rodrigo Rios Legaspi, and Colombian Trills Cinema, with Alejandro Ray and Claudia Sanchez.

An obscure anachronistic 2040 set, “Dragon Here” is a sci-fi drama-adventure movie that follows 18-year-old Candelaria as she tries to survive in an uncertain, devastated country where horrific military rule rules.

Fearing an impending barbaric attack, Candelaria escapes from her father and a chaotic, brutal regime, while embarking on an early journey to unravel the truth about love and this danger. The title refers to the Latin inscription “Hick Saint Dracons” (dragons here) used to indicate undiscovered or dangerous areas on old navigational maps.

The “Here Be Dragons” project will be present at the Guadalajara Festival co-production meeting from Sunday.

Previously it has been placed through Morelia Lab, where it has won a special mention, as well as Brazil Lab, Huelva Festival Co-Production Forum and Serfond Norway. The director of Sundance Player “The Cinema Hold Up” and “Before Forgetfulness” told Variety that “Let there be a dragon” responds to my need to create a reflection that many countries around the world feel: a culture of fear. “

She added: “I want to propose a specific, three-dimensional feminine vision that allows us to see the world from her flesh. It is important for me to achieve this, especially at a time where hegemonic narratives still emphasize a masculine perspective on women.

According to Gomez Conceiro, “Let the Dragon Stay There” will give a dark aesthetic consistent with the repressive context of the story against the brilliance of Candelaria. The plot will be created in an anaerobic scenario, mixing the old elements suspended over time with other technical elements, imagining a new future for the viewer. The costumes will take reference to Stimpunk aesthetics, which offer a rare environment in the pre-apocalyptic world.

Fernanda Veladez’s “Identifying Features” includes Dami Alcazar (Netflix’s “Narcos”), and Raul Bryonis (Kenya Marquez’s “Asphyxia”), this year’s Best Actress Ariel winner Mercedes Hernandez.

Aldo Max Rodriguez (Emilio Portes’ “Belzebuth”) will be the music composer; Cinematography will be the responsibility of Maria Jose Seko, winner of Best Cinematography for “La Joula de Oro” at the 2014 Ariel Awards. Shooting is scheduled for the second half of 2022.

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Be the dragon here
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