September 22, 2021


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Islam El Azazi, director of biological development for the film ‘About Him’

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“About Him”, which premiered this week at the Cairo Film Festival’s worldwide competition, began its life as a short story, written by director Islam El Azazi in 2003.

About the changes he made in the process, he said, “The short story somehow faded. “I don’t see what’s happening on-screen as imagined; It has its own reality. “

At first, I was refusing to write a screenplay, say alumni of the Berlinale Talent. This time, I had two long screenplays that I spent six years trying to spend money on. I was trying not to go to that stage again. So for the next year and a half he will interpret the project as a scene. “I think it helped develop a certain perspective that somehow made the film organic.”

When he started writing these scenes in script format, he started writing cinematic manuscripts instead of screenplays. To go, it was decided to shoot the film in phases, starting with the interior scene of the house. “While waiting for the next stage, where we were planning to shoot external shots, I started editing. Suddenly, while editing, I realized that I had a film and didn’t need to shoot any more.

Nadah El Shazli has played the role of Duria. “He’s an upcoming musician on the underground underground music scene in Cairo,” El Azzazi said. “We had a meeting, of course he had to explain the story to me because there was no script at the time. We then began two years of acting practice, including working with scenes from Harold Pinter’s play The Lover.

With each scene from Duria’s memory, the house comes with a different look. Production design inspired by the work of Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. “We’ve also copied a few of his paintings so you can see what’s hanging around the house.” “Because at this time in Egypt, there were a lot of foreigners living in Egypt, it was a truly cosmopolitan place where it was common for artists to make replicas from great artists. There was a huge surrealist movement, the Art and Freedom Group, which was affiliated with Paris and Andr ব Breton. So we tried to reflect this era within the apartment. “

“About Her” operates MAD Solutions, which has sales and distribution apparel offices in Abu Dhabi and Cairo. “They were on the ship at the beginning of the project, and they were trying to get funding at various stages of development, but we were quite unlucky.”

Producer Dina Farooq was the initial financier of the film as a director. El Azzazi lamented the difficulty in raising other sources of money, saying, “I feel that there is not much support for Middle Eastern arthouse films without commentary on socio-economic films on current events. But it is not remote. For me it is very close to what happened today. ”

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