September 22, 2021


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It can help restore optic in vision for streaming headers on streamers

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Surprisingly the coronavirus crisis has increased the perception of classic and heritage themed movie titles on streaming platforms, even creating new online outlets for wine films.

It is now hoped that this increased interest could serve as an incentive for a greater preservation of the patriotism of film in the world before it is too late.

One of the key considerations came from the Locarno Pro webinar on Saturday’s streamers and library film distribution with top players on the field.

Emily Cookie, head of distribution at the French cinematic franchise, recalled how they launched a streaming channel called Henry during the epidemic.

“We have a lot of YouTubers. Lots of people come to see movies they’ve never heard of, “Cowkey said. He noted that” the first day we connected 50,000 people “to Henry, which now has” more or less 1 million “views, mostly from France, even from Chile – where The service is running strong – Brazil, Japan and Russia gained global rights for part of the Langlois film writer’s library as the platform was not landlocked.

Penelope Bartlett, a programmer on The Criterion Channel VOD platform, which has more than 2,000 classic heritage titles in North America, said he was “aTick ​​up the engagement level. “And not just the subscriber levels, the amount of time people spend on the platform and the amount of movies they watch.” “Most movie theaters are still closed, and so is the standard channel.” Received numerous requests from Arthur Theater World in the United States and CanadaOrk together to engage with their community, which is what we’ve been able to do with a lifeline-like platform during this time, ”he noted.

Bartlett added that the criteria channel, however, does not intend to expand streaming services to other parts of the world because they “For this (right) rate has to be negotiated and it will be a long and complicated process. “

From a sales perspective, there is a huge library of classics in the Italian class – Geremia Biagiotti, head of international sales at Intramoviz in Italy, says they did good business during the epidemic. But not so with global streamers. “Going to an online VOD platform and telling them is very complicated, okay, I can give you a worldwide gift “because” we have a lot of territories that were sold exclusively and sold many years ago “” Doing so, Biagioti said they are probably looking to acquire some Slovenian archives and have already mentioned that they have some non-Italian films from the past.

Frederick Meyer, director of Cinematic Souss, noted that a “real market” for heritage cinema has emerged over the past decade and the epidemic has clearly increased interest for these titles on platforms.

“That’s why we need to recover more and we need to digitize more. That’s problematic because we’re in the middle of an economic crisis,” Meyer said.

Still driven by the market, “restoration growth will continue to grow and grow,” Maire added. But as efforts to preserve the world’s filmgoers have gained momentum, what’s important is to focus not only on the “big headlines that spread interest around the world,” but also for smaller films that may be more appealing to photographers.

“We need to find public money to do this,” Meyer noted.

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