September 22, 2021


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Italian kinofilm ‘On Life’ to explore multi-generational learning

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Following his acclaimed 2020 play “To the Unknown God”, Italian kinofilm is creating a feature about an elderly countess who sets up a new type of school with a group of deprived but talented children in a spacious villa in the 1st century.

Kineofilm’s Rodolfo Bisatti, who co-wrote and directed “To the Unknown God”, will direct the new film from a screenplay he wrote with actress-producer Laura Pelliccari.

The film follows Olympia, a woman in her sixties who lives alone in her villa until she opens it to take in a group of abandoned young men. While enduring hardship, children give gifts in their own way and are eager to share their skills and knowledge.

With the 500-year-old villa in dire need of renovation, however, the Countess is facing financial difficulties and is considering a proposal from city planners who have their own design for the beautiful building.

Looking at her gifted children, she came up with the idea of ​​creating a learning space at Villa, On Life – The Children’s University, where children can teach the older generation and also show that they have the skills to participate in society. However, the local authorities have a different opinion.

The film examines the challenges of learning and the growing distance between generations, says Pelixiari Diversity. It shows the economic necessity of nurturing children’s innate talents and the inequality inherent in today’s digital age. What is normal for children is very difficult for adults, he notes.

Kinofilm, which presented “On Life” at this year’s EFM in Berlin, partnered on the project with Thierry Lenuvel of the Paris-based Cine Sud Promotion. The companies are currently working on the budget and funding for the film, which is scheduled to be shot in 2023 in the Veneto region of Italy. The producers want to cast a high-profile actress in the role of Countess, and they may also want a German co-producer of the film.

Kineofilm partnered with Renেনে Asch on the Berlin-based film “To the Unknown God”, which is currently touring the festival circuit.

The award-winning film, which, towards the end of life, embraces the soothing care and joy of living, stars Pelicier as a nurse who has finally dedicated her career to a hospice for the sick and still mourns the loss of her eight-year-old daughter. Before

Both “On the Unknown God for God” and “On Life” represent the kind of films that Bistati and Pelixiari make for Kisofilm. Pelliccariari said the Trieste-based company, founded by Bisatti in 2009, focuses on stories that deal with social issues. “We don’t have to invent anything, we just have to train our eyes to see.” It’s not so much to entertain people but to make them think about their own lives, he adds.

“It often seems like we are heading for a crisis in society. I think it’s very important to make people aware that we have the opportunity to change this scenario. ”

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