March 21, 2023


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It’s worth following 11 anti-apartheid social media accounts – different

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Google, Twitter and Instagram are free, which means there’s no excuse to be silent, uneducated and anonymous in 2020. It’s as easy as tapping your feed and viewing button. To highlight profiles that work well, Diversity Consult with media and industry experts Aquila Hughes, Ashley ReggiePitton Dix, Yasir Lester, And Joe Samudji To present a list of accounts that create and share anti-apartheid content.

Brie News
Brie News is a black female artist who made headlines in 2015 when she lowered the Confederate flag outside the South Carolina Capitol building. His tweets Educational, intelligent, accessible and resourceful about structural racism and white power structures.

Check your rights
Maisha T. Founded by Hill, Check Your Privilege is a guided tour that deepens your awareness of how your actions will affect the mental health of black, brown, aboriginal, people of color, or BBIPOC. Right now, the account is providing a summer “Saturday School” series offering each day, participants will be led by a guide, coach or teacher to the anti-apartheid space.

Annie Janice
Abby Janice is a feminist scholar, writer and activist who works in community-organized work, especially considering the ownership of the bodies of black women as a justice around. She is the founder of Black Girl Mixtop And centered in the form of an online learning institute. Her feed is a must read resource, knowledge, memes, skin care tips and book recommendations. Watch her podcast here.

Ethel Club
Ethel Club is an online social and wellness club dedicated to celebrating people of color. In June, the organization is hosting free virtual group healing and mourning sessions for blacks worldwide. Events will be conducted by a licensed Black Therapist.

Equality Lab
Equality Labs is a South Asian technology company dedicated to ending racism, gender-based violence, Islamophobia, white supremacy and religious intolerance. The group shares posts about the organization’s religious and cultural minorities in South Asia, community-based research, socially employed arts and digital security, the group’s Instagram account workshop offer, surveillance information and ways to help grassroots groups. Follow them on Twitter Here.

Kelly Hayes
Kelly M. Hayes A trivial native writer, organizer and educator. Her work focuses on transformational justice and she has led live action workshops for youth, social justice groups and other inter-winning audiences. His Twitter The account shares important information for organizers and protesters as well as historical and educational resources.

White has no rescuer
No White Savior is a Ugandan advocate dedicated to disrupting the traditional enduring power structure between the Western world and the African continent. It will tell you why The service trip you can take this summer is “Garbage” And educate you about neocolonialism as you use its platform to broaden Black Voices and share resources.

Rachel Cargill
Rachel Kargel is a public academic, writer and lecturer who explores the crossroads of race and femininity, guides conversations, encourages critical thinking and fosters meaningful engagement with people around the world. In 2018, she founded the Loveland Foundation after raising 000 250,000 for the treatment of black women. Most recently, he has gone directly with Pytton Dix of Instille for conversations about racism and active and consistent alliances. Check it out here.

And 29 annoyed
Refinery 29’s Concerned Vertical is made by black millennial women and. Its Instagram posts are celebratory and educational and champion both black voices, black art and black women.

Strong black lead
Netflix’s multiple black executives created Strong Black Lead, a vertical whose social channels are on Instagram and and Twitter Dedicated to promoting and promoting black talent and creators. They also produce Scotty Beam And Sylvia ObelThe ‘bi-weekly podcast’ “Okay, listen now,” covers everything from what they’re involved in to what they’re highlighting in their timelines.

Survived and punished
Survived and punished A national volunteer project aimed at ending the crime of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The coalition organizes to support internal and sexual violence, surviving offenders, and to continue efforts to eliminate and eliminate gender-based violence, policing, imprisonment, and deportation. The team Tweets Provides information and analysis as well as critique and interrogation of the current power structure.

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