March 29, 2023


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J. Cole has released the new politics-charged song ‘Snow on the Bluff’ – Variety

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Rapper J. Cole surprised fans by releasing a new song titled “Snow on the Bluff” on Tuesday night.

Unmarried, its first of its kind this year, in its rapid flow, the police touch on themes such as barbarism, racism and activism.

“It only took about two hundred years for our ancestors to be released. These chains are more mental than physical. I look for freedom like a tree. I can’t grow a forest overnight. I hit a ghetto and slowly start planting your seeds.” “She is OK.

The new song comes amid nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd and police brutality. Cole joined protesters in his hometown of Fayetteville, NC, last month, and the official video for “Snow on the Bluff” shows that the song was written June 4.

“This change is inevitable but no one has seen it before us, so we have to learn everything every day / I fight every day thinking, feel like a slave who somehow saves enough money to get over his coal? Slavery / Thought ‘Probably me, I betrayed the same people who tried to make my children’s lives better by looking at me as if I were a hero / comma because of the then zeroes, but look here I promise you don’t care , “She raps.

The song shares his name with Damon Russell’s 2012 play. The film follows the exploitation of a drug dealer named Curtis Snow in The Atlanta neighborhood called The Bluff which is notorious for its high crime.

Listen to the song below.

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