September 21, 2021


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Jackie Chan’s ‘Ride On’ shooting has started, raising concerns at the box office

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Jackie Chan has started shooting for his next film, a martial arts-based comedy about a man and his horse, called “Ride On”.

The 67-year-old superstar has remained as fruitful as ever, making a movie in one year from 2019 despite the epidemic. Although his presence in a marquee has continued to sell tickets, several of his recent works have been critical bombshells. On the Chinese drowning review platform, viewers rated last year’s “Vanguard” 4.5 out of 10, 3.9 out of 10 in 2019’s “Dragon Seal of Mystery: Journey to China” and 3.8 out of 10 “The Night of Shadow: Yin and Young.”

His latest continuity could break. In “Ride On”, Chan Lao Luo will play the role of a down-out, wash-up martial artist who is very attached to his favorite horse. When she is embroiled in a debt dispute, it seems that the horse may be snatched from her, which helps her seek help from her daughter Xiaobao (Liu) and her boyfriend (Guo), who start a road trip in crisis. Together in the solution.

Currently set for release in 2022, the film is written and directed by Yang Ji, who directed the light-hearted pet-based film “Adoring”, which was released last New Year’s Eve.

“Ride On” is produced by Alibaba Pictures, Beijing Hairun Pictures and HG EntertainmentFilm Company. The film’s Chinese title roughly translates to “Dragon Horse Spirit”, referring to Dragon Chan’s martial arts history and the horse as his favorite mount.

In addition to Chan, it stars “adorable” actor Guo Kilin (25-year-old son of one of China’s most respected crossstall comedians Guo Degang) and Zhang Yimu’s new young musician Liu Haokun, whose star has grown rapidly since his appearance. Cliff Walkers. “

Liu’s acting chops have been widely acclaimed, with Zhang himself calling him the next Zhou Dongyu and even comparing him to a young Gong Li. But she has had a lot of trouble with her public image online for an incident involving her parents ’dance training school. After a young student was partially paralyzed after suffering a spinal cord injury at school, Liu’s parents argued in court with the girl’s family over compensation, sparking family criticism for fighting money.

Although the issue was settled, online opponents found Liu critical, as a public figure, seeking a public statement or apology about the incident, which received a large number of local newspapers.

The incident may be tabloid-esque, but in China’s recent political climate, any stigma surrounding entertainment could quickly call for a boycott and even the removal of past works-some have questioned the choice of online film casting and whether it can. Its impact on future box office prospects.

Last year, Chan’s “Vanguard” earned 44 44 million in China.

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