March 25, 2023


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James Patterson Mythical First Look deal – different

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Amazon’s Audible has signed a multi-project development and first-described agreement with James Patterson, and the bestselling author is already working on several audio-exclusive projects.

The first slate of Patterson’s Audible Originals slate was Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad,” “Westworld”), Kristen Ritter (“Breaking Bad,” “Jessica Jones”) and Nathalie Emanuel’s “Coldest Case: A Black Book Drama” performed. Game of Thrones, “” Maj Runner “).

Four more projects in active development at Audible will include Patterson’s original stories, new characters and voices will be presented. Patterson’s audible projects will also include middle-class audiences, which the author has cultivated through his “Middle School” series and other Y titles.

“The Coolest Case: A Black Book Drama” – a prequel to Patterson’s bestseller “The Black Book” – co-authored with Friendly Heights author and executive producer Aaron Tracy (“Law & Order: SVU,” “Sixtested”) and Origin Story Ryan Silbert of Entertainment (“Stan Lee’s Alliance: A Strategy of Light,” “The Girl in Trouble”).

In “The Coolest Case,” murder detective Billy Harney secretly sends his new partner Kate to infiltrate a notorious Chicago drug ring. When several members of the ring died, Billy suddenly blew Kate off her cover and pulled her out. Inside the gang, Kate’s informant disappears – along with Ring’s black book. As they investigate the murders of Billy and Kate Ring, “they will lead a dangerous web of corrupt politicians, vengeful millionaires, pro-drug athletes, and violent, dark web conspiracies in search of the missing black book.”

Patterson said in a statement, “I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Audible on one of the most original slates of original projects.” I’m looking forward to creating stories specifically for the audience experience – a tire wheel spin, a villain’s voice, a detective finale Victory notes – all gifted, top notch talent. “

Audible has entered into similar multi-project agreements with other talents and companies, including Colin Copernicus, Lorne Michaels’ Broadway video, Gunpowder and Sky, and the Williamstown Theater Festival. This is the first audible deal with Patterson for the original series, according to Nazen Naylor, senior director of Original Originals.

“We’ve seen great success with his other work available on our service, and we believe listeners will love Patterson’s brand new scripted full cast, especially the audio medium in mind,” he said.

For all audio and Patterson collaborations, Naylor will be the executive director and James Patterson Entertainment chairman Bill Robinson will be the executive producer.

Audible originals are included as part of the audio subscription, which costs 14.95 per month

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