/Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmain: Actors

Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmain: Actors

Jamie Doranon and Eddie Redmain began their time in Hollywood as roommates: reunited in a video chat a decade later, they reflected on their little red car driving around Los Angeles, only to be rejected at the audition.

It is noteworthy that both actors found themselves in the works of art-house rentals and franchises and developed into two recognized leading men of their generation. Redmain played anti-war activist Tom Hayden in Sarkin’s “Chicago 7’s Trial” (Netflix) when he faced federal accusations for protesting at the 1968 Democratic National Conference. And in John Patrick Shanley’s “Wild Mountain Thyme”, distributed by Blicker Street, Dornan portrays Anthony, an Irish Mr. Darcy who can’t express his feelings for his neighbor (Emily Blunt).

Dornan and Redmain sat down for a virtual chat DifferentActors of the actors presented in Amazon Studios. Watch the full conversation above.