September 23, 2021


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Jelliesmack has appointed Shin Atkins as president

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JellySmack, a company that optimizes the distribution of creator videos and other content, has tapped Shawn Atkins as president.

Atkins has been Jelismack’s official advisor since 2019. He is the CEO of RTL Group’s Digital Video Group, President of MTV, Chief Digital Officer of Discovery and has more than two decades of experience with Jelismack following the SVP Digital Enterprise and the new venture. Media programming for HBO.

In his new role at JellySmack, Atkins has been tasked with expanding the company’s creator program as well as its media partner program, designed to help intellectual-property owners make new earnings from their content library. Also, led by Atkins, JellySmack will launch a new marquee program to help public figures create and distribute video content. He will oversee teams running global marketing as well as brand, performance and advertising partnerships in LA-based companies.

Commenting on his full-time joining the company, Atkins said, “JellySmack combines all the trends I’ve worked on in my career: direct-to-consumer, AI-capable manufacturing and distribution, data-driven marketing, and global talent capability.” “I’ve always believed in the power of digital media and the voices of creators, but it’s an exciting time for the creator economy. Now that monetization is taking place across multiple platforms, the industry is rapidly becoming something sustainable and measurable.”

“Sean joins us at a milestone moment for the Creator Economy,” Michael Philip, co-founder and co-CEO of Jelliesmack, said in a statement. “It’s like a decade ago, when the top leadership of huge media associations expanded into emerging areas like consumer internet, streaming and podcasting, all of which are places where Shawn was an important senior leader.”

Founded in 2016, JellySmack has partnerships with more than 300 top producers, including Mr. Beast, Pudipi, Carina Garcia, Bailey Sarian, Patrick Starr, Nass Daily and Phil Difranco. The company says it distributes creator-created video content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TickTock, Twitter and YouTube. Also, it manages its own core content channels of Beauty (“Beauty Studio”), Soccer (“Oh My Goal”) and Gaming (“Gamology”). All told, JellySmack-powered content generates 10 billion global monthly video views and has a cross-platform reach of 125 million unique US users, according to the company.

In May, Softbank invested “nine-figures” in JellySmack, which the company said it valued at more than 1 1 billion.

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