September 20, 2021


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Jobs in the UK theater have risen to 5,000, the union says

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Bectu, a U.S. creative industrial worker, said the loss of work in the theater industry had risen from 3,000 to 5,000 a month.

Approximately 2,700 people are expected to be affected in London and the West End, and other losses are distributed in the United States. Both types of workers are paid through a company’s payroll and are entitled to pay through a coronavirus job retention scheme.

America announced a $ 1.9 billion lifeline package for the fine arts sector a month ago, and further details were announced later.

The theater industry has been hit particularly hard by the rules of social distance, and their hopes were further shaken when it was announced last week that they could look to the opening early.

The high profile accident in this sector is Andrew Lloyd-Weber’s “Opera of Phantom”.

“The watch still survives to save the future of the theater industry and these figures show the crisis it is facing,” said Bectu, head of Philippe Children. “Even after the announcement of the fine arts recovery package we are still not close to the money distributed.”

“Freelancers are crying out for help and support and relying on charity and their entrepreneurial instincts to look for jobs in other parts of the heavily affected economy. Their future in the industry is deeply uncertain. Funding from the Arts Recovery Package is expected to reach theaters in October. It must be tracked quickly and the money must be made available to the theater and its staff in the coming weeks, not just a few months, “added Kids.

It is estimated that the U.S. theater industry employs about 290,000 people and 70% of these people are independent.

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