March 21, 2023


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Joe Crestoff has launched a variety of ‘Escape the Night’ board games on Kickstarter

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After YouTube refuses to renew its long-running origins, the “Murder-Mystery Series – directed by Joe Grecefa -” may or may not happen next season of Escape the Night.

Separately, however, popular YouTube creator, author and influencer, Gracefa has now officially unveiled a new project based on the franchise: “Avoid the Night Game”, described as a “co-operative horror board game” for 1-11 players. Fans can pledge a donation on the game’s Kickstarter page and will be eligible to receive a copy of the game sent before Christmas 2020 for a minimum contribution of 40.

Gracefa is creating the board game “Escape the Night” in collaboration with Studio 71, the digital network he signed last year. He teased the project in a video two weeks ago, hinting that it would be a playable version of the YouTube series.

There will be two different versions of the game: “Escape the Night Game” and “Escape Night Premier Edition.” The Premier Edition includes everything from the Baseline game, as well as “3D Plastic Artefacts, a premium Tigerglass and an upgraded box” – as well as a few additional possibilities as the Kickstarter campaign reaches certain milestones.

At Kickstarter, fans must pledge at least 40 40 to get a copy of the “Leave Night Game” standard. Those who donate to a high-level commitment level – 50 750 or more – will receive a copy of Joe Gracefa’s signature “Avoid Night Premier Edition”, access to a live stream while Joe Joe plays the game, a private small group with Q&A with him and a “Life-size patterns.”

In an email sent to fans on Tuesday, Gracefa said, “I like the fantasy-horror world of ‘Escort the Night’.” I wanted to create a way for long-time viewers, and a piece of it at home with those who know nothing about it. There’s no better way to do this than with my personal passion for board gaming. “”

The “Escape the Night Game” kickstarter campaign, which was scheduled for the end of 30 days, has set a 30,000 fundraising goal.

The game is described as “a magically hunting adventure set in a 1920’s estate where an ancient villain lines up with halls.” Players of “Escape the Night Game” will look from house to house, searching for clues to the analysis of markers from the Society of Evil of Evil, fighting deadly monsters, and collecting valuable relics. ” Although players sometimes work together, at the end of each bar they will “vote for two players to fight against each other for a deadly death challenge.” In the final round, an hour will be set for the remaining players to take action as quickly as possible to collect the remaining players.

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