October 28, 2021


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Joe Nesbo’s adaptation of ‘The Hanging Sun’ by Charles Dance, Peter Mulan

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Peter Mullen (“Wetworld,” “Above the Lake”) and Charles Dance (“Monk,” “The Crown”) have joined the cast of “The Hanging Sun” based on Joe Nessbar’s best-selling novel “Midnight Sun”.

Frederick Schmidt (“Angel Has Fallen”) and Rafael Vicas (“Granchester”) are climbing into production.

The Sky Original Film is a UK-Italian co-production from Sky, ITV Studios’s Catalonia and Groenlandia. It will air in Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Austria.

The adaptation is written by Stefano Bises (“Jirojirojiro,” “Gomorah”) and directed by Emmy-nominated Francesco Carozini (“Franca: Chaos and Creation”).

“I’m in the middle of filming and I couldn’t have expected better. The cast is incredible, ”Carozini said Diversity.

“The Hanging Sun” is a thrilling adventure set in a part of Norway where religion predominates, the sun never sets and locals feel a different era.

The film follows John একজন a man escapes because he has betrayed his powerful crime প্রভ the lord’s father, the father. To escape his family, John moves north and takes deep refuge in the woods near an isolated village. The only thing that stands between John and his destiny is Leah, a woman who faces adversity with much energy, and her son Caleb, a curious, pure-hearted boy.

Mulan played the role of father, while the dancer played Jacob, Lear’s father.

Other cast members include Alessandro Borghi (“On My Skin: The Last Seven Days of Stefano Cucci”), John, Jessica Brownfindle (“Brave New World”), Leah and Sam Spruel (“Small Axis: Mangrove”), twins Aaron and Nicholas.

Carozini was introduced to Nessbar’s critically acclaimed book a few years ago.

“I just presented my documentary ‘Franca: Chaos and Creation’ in Venice and I started working with an agent, Steve Rabneu, who became a great friend,” said Carozini. And he gave me the gift of ‘Midnight Sun’ along with other books.I read it and now realize that I wanted to turn it into a movie because of the incredible environment and character.

“The Hanging Sun” is currently filming in Norway, Ilesund and Fosnavag.

Megan Beaton, Norway’s newly appointed film commissioner, said: “There is a lot of interest in adapting to Nesbar’s work, a well-established catalog of the Nordic Noir that has been translated into more than 50 languages ​​- resonating in the culture of storytelling.” Diversity.

“Norway only has two Nesbe productions or pre-productions: ‘The Hanging Sun’ and ‘The Devil’s Star.’ A unique and atmospheric landscape in Norway, unparalleled lighting conditions and dramatic scenes play an important role in Nesbar’s work. Working titles are the rights of all Harry Hole books, so we look forward to seeing how they are more adapted. “

Working title “The Devil’s Star” recently paid NOK 31.4 million (3.6 million) through the Norwegian Production Incentive Program.

Other Nesbe projects include “London” with Ben Steeler for Lionsgate; HBO series “The Son” with Jack Gillenhall and director Dennis Villanview; And Amazon has just bought the rights to collect “The Hingsuk Man” story.

“The Hanging Sun” will be released in cinemas and will then premiere on Sky and streaming service Nao TV.

NBC Universal Global Distribution is directing international sales films on behalf of Sky Studios.

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