March 25, 2023


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‘Joey’s Awesome Playlist’ Star Jane Levy Talks Season 2 – Variety

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Jane Levy couldn’t have been a musician before taking the title role on NBC’s “Joey’s Awesome Playlist,” but she is now.

In the smooth series, he plays a computer programmer who can hear what people are thinking and feeling through music. With a second season in the works, he’s already thinking about the artists he likes to cover.

“I’d love to hear some country music,” Levy said in Thursday’s episode Diversity And the iHart podcast “The Big Ticket”. “If there is one genre that is like a thirsty heart about it, it is the country. I know it’s not Bonnie Wright’s country, but she’s somehow. I would love to sing Bonnie Ritt to anyone. He’s one of my favorite musicians of all time. “

Although Levy says it has been great to express himself through song and dance, he admits it was too early.

For the eighth episode, he had to learn six numbers, one of which had 200 extras. Levi explained, “We skipped the three-day production so I could learn the numbers of this dance, but it’s still not so true.” “I also have to record all the music, pre-record all of it. So there were some days where we shot eight just before the seventh episode, where I would set off and they would be like, ‘OK, an hour before Jane’s turnaround started. Drive him for half an hour to the college where we’re going to shoot. “I’m in my pajamas. I get 200 extra 10 minute rehearsals, the night before we shoot it. So I came into space at once before I did it. It was crazy, but we pulled it off.

No musical comedy series is heard that it will deal with heavy problems, “Joey” will come in front of them. Peter Gallagher plays Joe’s father Mitch, who died of a rare neurological disease and fin tu final but not before losing the ability to speak. He is based on the father of show creator Austin Weinsberg. “I believe most people asked Austin if he would reconsider dying in the Mitch Final, because Peter Gallagher is so amazing and we will miss him, and the audience loves him,” Levy said. “But Austin stood firm, and that’s how they started telling the story.”

Levi also measured the interest in love better than Joey – Max or Simon. Listen to what he has to say above. You can find “The Big Ticket” on iHeartRadio or anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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