March 21, 2023


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Johnny to Returns of Boxing Rom-Com – Variety

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There’s a lot going on here and most of it works on “Chasing Dream”, the first feature operated by Hong Kong’s AC Johnny starting in 2016 at “Three”. Away from fans of two hard-boiled crime dramas such as “Drug War” and “Expectations”, “Chasing Dream” invites everything from 1930s Warner Bros. Musical to Fiji Scrubbel Rome-Coms and “Rocky”. Follows an MMA warrior and an aspiring singer who forms teams to take the world forward to the Chinese dream. While having fun in blind ambition and celebrity culture while driving viewers on a restless ride of higher realism and unmistakable melodies, “Chasing Dream” has some flickering plots and lacks emotional depth, but it provides good looks for free entertainment value.

A box-office disappointment in Mainland cinema in November, the production of Two’s Milky Way Image Company could get a new lease of life after its international premiere at the Far East Film Festival in Udin. It is not a film that has made it internationally famous, but its winning spirit and style will help protect at least a wide range of VOD exposure.

“Chasing Dream” opens in the realm of traditional theatrical boxing: Tiger (Jackie Hyung, son of China Star Movie boss Charles Hyun) uses his signature “spinning revolver” -based technique to fight another bone-crunching battle in the octagon. Like many movie paglists before him, Tiger supplemented his income by collecting money for his instructor Gao (Bin Ji).

Tiger didn’t get up from the ring as soon as he chased the cuckoo (Keru Wang, “young man”), a young homeless singer with a heavy heart. As the voice was dark, Tiger took Kokil home to his warehouse and sent him out to pay off his debts as a pole dancer and car wash girl. Things start to get lighter when Kokil escapes and creates a fierce and funny dash at many venues that host auditions for popular talent shows like “Perfect Diva”, a popular “China Idol”.

When the two started clicking, Kokil told Tiger that he wrote that the songs were stolen and recorded by his ex-boyfriend Cui Fengfeng (mother Xiaohui), a vain pop star and “perfect diva” judge. His desire for revenge and fame helps Tiger soften and acknowledge one of the destructive parts of his body, and he wants to open hot-pot restaurants instead of fighting.

The screenplay, co-written by its longtime collaborator Wi-Fi, keeps the romance at bay until the screen closes. For Tiger and Cuckoo, the focus should be on building a realistic partnership to achieve social and career goals. While Tiger’s plan to hang his gloves and resist the temptation of “one last fight” unfolds in fairly straightforward fashion, the search for the cuckoo takes many interesting and intensely ironic twists.

In a lovely sequence, Tiger took on a large number of musicians who had money for Gao and turned them into a hot backing band for cockles. Celebrities on TV talent shows are ridiculed in hype-up formats when “Perfect Diva” audiences are going to banish when Ko Fengfeng breaks the strike and somehow presents the “look” of a face like a Chinese julander. After all, Pearl (Kelly Yu, Horror) is a great running gag involved, a singer like Joan Jet who is in competition – or perhaps for some reason – a growing list of major physical injuries.

Attempts to bring real sensitive potatoes into the story are less successful. Reconnecting with Ma Ting (Shao Bing), the former trainer involved in the Tiger’s cash, and reuniting Koki with her grandmother (Kao Yang) is more compelling than the reward. However, the Milky Way is a relatively small violation of the overall plan of a story edited by regular David Richardson, painted in bright colors by experienced DP Cheng Siu-kung (“Ipan Man 4: The Final”) and has a fantastic fantasy musical. Will become the highlight.

Hyung is okay as a slightly pale slugger but it’s really Wang’s show. The talented dancer and singer gives a dazzling performance as a troubled girl who slowly finds her angel voice finds U Yeitong in the top supporting cast as the funniest serious “perfect diva” judge, and the whole show consistently has great melodies and great melodies of great Peter Cum. Bounces great for music.

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