March 25, 2023


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Join different forces to launch a new service at NNT Group, Elisa Vihe – different

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Nordix Entertainment Group (NNT Group), a leading streaming company across Nordix and Finland’s top streaming service, has joined forces to launch a new service in Finland.

Named the Alyssa Wheehead Viplay, the new platform will launch from the end of this year, and the film and series package from the NENT Group Viplay will combine ITO with the Alyssa Viehead.

Ready to launch on June 30th, Alyssa Viehe Viplay will boast a selection of local and Nordic main themes in Finland, as well as international films, classic series and children’s content.

Among the most popular streaming services in Finland is the alliance between the two services as Alyssa Wheehead ITO (“Arctic Circle”) and Viplay (“Love Me”). By combining their strengths, they will be able to compete with services worldwide like Netflix.

“By joining forces with NNT Group, we have been able to provide an attractive combination of high-quality content with a strong focus on Finnish and Nordic core series for Finnish customers,” said Veli-Matti Matilla, CEO of Elisa.

“We hope visitors will embrace this innovative combined service that offers a wide range of content and offers great value for money,” Matilla said.

Elisa is one of the largest producers of Finnish dramas, she has launched 20 original series, notably “Arctic Circle,” “All Sin,” “Shadow Line” and “Bullet”. The service will continue to provide series, and will also support Finnish films.

Viplay is already the largest Scandinavian streaming service and has recently launched in Iceland across Nordics. The banner has already launched 80 original sources and is set to roll out 30 more this year.

Ander Jensen, president and chief executive of NNT Group, said NNT Group “aims to break new ground in streaming with the most innovative market share.”

Jensen added, “Alyssa Vieh Vipley will bring Finland to the next level by bringing together a leading streaming company in the Nordic region and a Finnish pioneer in telecom and digital services – a country with one of the highest broadband penetration rates in the world.”

“Alyssa Viehe Viplay is the perfect combination of our respective strengths – a single streaming service that will address the entire Finnish market and offer viewers a stronger and more diverse offering,” the executive added.

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