September 22, 2021


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Jojo Siva and Jojo pull the curtains of Families of Fame (Watch)

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Call it a match made in internet heaven. About six years after Jojo Siva (1 17), his computer started shaking with music for the first time, and his pop predecessor, JoJo, who won first place at the age of 13 with the 2004 song “Leave (Exit)”. . The two met at IRL Diversity In offices – social distance protocols appropriately – for interviewing each other.

As soon as they found out about their conversation, the two had more in common than their names – although this in itself was unusual: (cue the “Twilight Zone” music))

On the agenda: the trials (literally 29 in the case of veteran Jojo now, who has been stuck with record labels for a decade and eventually had to re-record his catalog to make it available in the stream), the teenage victory and triumph , One Billion Dollar March Empire, World Tour and many, many bows include a social media.

Watch below for highlights from the discussion and watch the video above for the full interview.

What a name

Jojo Siva: I always had a plan: when I was young I would go as a jojo; When I was middle-aged I would go as Joel; And then when I’m Grandma I’ll go as a teenager. Now I like, “Well baby, you’re stuck with JoJo.” Which is not a bad name. It works for both of us!

The first awareness of other jojo

National: I remember some people tweeting something like, “I bought my wife a ticket to the JoJo concert, it’s just for the JoJo Siva concert. And we have to go and there are nine year old little girls screaming, but anyway, we’re going to I’m going to make the most money. “You liked that tweet and this is the first time we’ve interacted.

JoJo Levesque: I became very conscious when I saw people wearing bows and attending my concerts and when they realized that they had found me colorful, not sweet Jojo Siva not I am beautiful but a bit wild

When Google “Jojo”

National: I Google myself all the time.
JL: Are you
National: Oh well. I want to know what’s going on. JoJo Sewer’s boyfriend needs to find out; Why does Jojo Siva match her hair? I have read all the articles.
JL: Good for you You must be strong to be able to do this.

18 years old

National: I started when I was in the public eye at the age of nine and eventually I could be like, “This is half of my life.”
JL: I know what you mean. I remember when I also reached this stage. But you already did it 10,000 hours before the age of 18 That is so incredible.
National: Do they say that your life should be 10,000 hours?
JL: They say you become an expert or master in your craft in 10,000 hours.
National: Oh yeah, I definitely put it inside.


JL: Does your mom have a background in the music industry? How did you get into it?
National: No, when I was younger, I wanted it too bad. I wanted to be either a pop-star or a surgeon.
JL: I wanted to be a pop-star or a veterinarian.
National: But people will say, “Oh, my kid has it” or “My kid wants it,” or “My kid wants to be famous.” But it was different. I really did. Like everyone who met me, like, “You just have to go to the Disney Channel and look like this kid be” and as we were, “Okay, pretty clear how it doesn’t work.
JL: My mom managed me for five to 17 years in the first 12 years of my career and it was good and then it wasn’t good. He hated the industry so much. He was just trying to get people to come in and take advantage and set us apart and saw the .uk in his ear. He was such a pure soul that it was not right for him. If you don’t have thick skin to deal with it …
National: It’s not worth it.

Sing your age

JL: My first single was so big. I was singing songs that were a lot older than I should have been, so I somehow got caught up in my subject. Do you imagine your music evolving as it evolves?
National: Yes, I do. But for me it’s actually the opposite. I still don’t want to sing about anything [if I’m] Not ready.
JL: It makes me happy. I never realized you were doing something you didn’t want to do. I love that you are not in the urge to grow up, or take on the responsibilities of those adults or whatever. You already have your responsibilities on you, but there’s really no rush. When we first met you, “I like it when I’m 17. It’s my favorite age.”
National: It is simply better.

Fear must end you

National: Thirteen. People criticized my hairline after I topped in October and I say a giant baby boy, I went to Knots ’scary farm, and people were getting horrible. These were all teenagers, “Jojo Siva, F– You! Go home.” People were screaming at me all night. So I just thought teenagers don’t like me. And I’m one! But I didn’t have any teenage friends and I do now.

… And sang live. I always thought I was a bad singer who isn’t always comfortable being in “The Masked Singer”. Back to tour rehearsals after the show, I was like, “Is live singing a good idea for me?” It just got me back to it, but luckily I got out of it very quickly.

Screaming and crying

National: I was like, “I can do this. Give me 10 minutes.” I went and saw a scene from “Gray’s Anatomy” – Derek’s death, “How to save a life”! And you came out crying. The director, acting and dialogue coach were all giving me this big hug. What was it like working with Robin Williams in the movie “RV”?
JL: It will be with me for the rest of my life to see the way he has set himself up. Because he will be the first person to get there, go to the end. He always has ideas. He was present and he knew everyone’s name. He is caring. Unlike being a diva I found it to be like a legend it felt so good.


National: At first I was like, “Oh, it’s two weeks. It’s a two-week break. I’m going to be cool. I’m going to have fun. I’m going to work. I’m going to swim. I’m going to play games. It’s going to be fun.” After that, though, I was like, “Okay. We’ll get here in a minute. I have to find out, I can’t let my career die without doing anything.” And so I actually finished building a stage in my backyard. We do performance films every week and it’s incredible. I’ve gotten really creative. Everyone was doing an edit from the couch or from their kitchen. I was like, “Mom, I can’t do this. If I’m going to perform, I want to perform.”

JL: My tour goes back to the summer of next year. And it’s just interesting, because I already remember these checks of mine, you know? I don’t have a bow business like you. Travel is so important, so. But it also gave me the opportunity to follow my other creative passions. I have become so interested in plant-based cooking and baking. … I like things that involve my senses. So it smells, clothes, sounds, whatever.

Life in 2030

National: I decided that when I got older I would open a dance agency and build a house for dancers.
JL: In 10 years I want to be a part of the careers of more young artists. By partnering with Warner Records, I want to create the label I have for Clover Music, sign activities, help develop them, and continue to build and expand my career. And I still want to go on road trips. I love it.

Check out the full power of the Young Hollywood Special below:

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