April 2, 2023


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Josh Gad Roland Emerich’s ‘Profit’ – Travels to Outer Space for Diversity

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Josh Gad has been cast in Roland Emerych’s science-fiction project “Profit”, which is set in Lionsgate.

The “moon” centers the moon on a mysterious force from orbit around the earth, which, as we know it, strikes a chord with life. In response, a ragtag team launches an impossible end-Dutch mission into space to land on the moon’s surface and protect the Earth from destruction. God will portray a scientific genius who has correctly concluded that the moon has fallen out of its orbit.

“Munfal” will manage Emerich from a script written with his “2012” co-authors Harald Closer and Spencer Cohen. Emerich is producing through his company Street Entertainment with the closure under his Centropolis banner.

The AGC sold North American rights to the studio’s prestigious box office in November after the release of Emerich’s World War II drama “Midway.” Emerich’s credits as director-producer include both “Independence Day” films, “2012,” “White House Down,” “The Day After,” “10,000 B.C.” And “Moon 44.”

Gad began acting as Elder Arnold Cunningham in the original Broadway production of “Book of Mormon”, for which he received a Tony nomination in 2012. She has voiced Olaf in the movies “Frozen”, “Beauty and the Beast” and Chuck’s Lefou. In “Angry Birds” movies. Other feature credits include “Marshall,” “Orient Express on Murder,” and Malach Dagins in Disney’s upcoming “Artemis Foul.”

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