April 2, 2023


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Jude Law film ‘The Nest’ debuted in theaters in September – Variety

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“The Nest,” a drama about a family’s catastrophic decision to relocate to England, will make its theatrical debut on September 18, 2020.

A sign of this announcement is that IFC Films, which bought the film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has an ambition for the film and for the performances of stars Jude Law and Kerry Coon. It also indicates that studios are gaining more confidence that exhibitions will return to the line in the next few months after movies close in March due to coronavirus.

“The Nest” is a follow-up to author and director San Darkin’s “Martha Marseille May Marlin”. After he decided to relocate his family to his native England in 1960 to earn bright cash in London, the film follows Rory, a charismatic businessman who plays by law. Things don’t go as planned. Rory not only fights to establish himself, but he keeps his wife and kids stuck in run-down mansions that they can’t sort out and carry on. Separation and growing financial problems began to play a strong role in their family ties.

Of Variety Peter DeBruze mentions that the film benefits by creating a spooky environment. “The real point of comparison between movies like ‘The Nest’ and ‘The Shining’ is the emotional toll that a selfish father can put on his family,” he wrote. Rory may be the first character we’ve seen, but the movie is the last. In favor of N. Allison (Kun), the screw-turned wife is probably cut short from a spooky classic where haunting things happen when the family moves to a new god. “

“We look forward to releasing ‘The Nest’ in theaters this fall as Shawn Darkin continues to prove what a masterful filmmaker he is by delivering career best performances from Jude Law and Kerry Koon.” Ariana Boko, VP of executive acquisition and production at IFC Films, said in a statement.

“The Nest” was produced by Darkin, as well as Ed Ginny, Darren Schlanzer, Rose Garnett, Amy Jackson and Christina Piovans. It was executive produced by Andrew Lowe, Polly Stokes, Jude Law, Ben Browning, Glenn Basner, Alison Cohen, and Milan Popelka with co-producers Cassia Malipan and Noah Segal. The film was developed by BBC Films, which funded it for Film Nation Entertainment. Telefilm Canada has provided more support. Film Nation Entertainment is conducting international sales.

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