March 29, 2023


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Julie Plaque, creator of ‘Vampire Diaries’ Farmhouse – bought a variety

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A new mega-deal with Universal Television worth $ 60 million has been scrapped, according to Julie Plaque, author / creator of the great fantasy series (“Vampire Diary,” “The Originals,” “Legacy Spreads”) Television touch in the real estate industry, more than a million million dollars for the colorful, decisively unique compound in the pockets of L. San Fernando Valley’s desirable neighbors

Built by an architect in 2009 and then used as his family’s private residence, the tall structure is secluded at the end of a quiet black-de-sack behind a long wall and gate, and offers a purposefully swaying oscillation with a sea of ​​red, blues, Green and brown.

According to the builder, the house was targeted as “a green, high-performance home” [is] Energy and water efficient, “and durable, thanks to the use of recyclable materials in its construction. The resulting home-style structure has an extensive use of rug welded metals, interior spaces with vaulted ceilings and exposed ceiling beams.

On the main floor, the master suite boasts a seating area with soaking tub, steam shower and a makeup station, and many windowed bathrooms. The main house has four additional bedrooms, as well as several spacious spring areas – all with concrete floors and some open air ducts – which are individually industrialized.

There is a separate bedroom and a separate bath, as well as a separate kitchen and a separate guest room with separate laundry area. In all, the entire complex, with six bedrooms and six baths, accommodates approximately 6,000 square feet.

Multiple verandas and patios scattered around the property, as well as a small grove of citrus trees – mainly orange and tangerine – give the place a natural aromatic scent. The half-acre site also provides native trees, beds raised for sustainable vegetable gardens, extensive lawns and native trees. It’s probably no surprise that the property was featured on the Boozy Netflix comedy “Wine Country,” where Rachel Drach referred to the house as “the perfect perfect”.

Records reveal that this new Studio City compound is not the only LA-area home in Plaque; In 2011, Busy Show Runner paid nearly million 1 million for a Mediterranean-style home on the outskirts of West Hollywood.

Fred Holly and Jana Jones-Duffy of Core Real Estate Group kept the list; Heather T. Roy Roy replacing the plug

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