September 20, 2021


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Justin Bieber, Rihanna rental homes in Hampton

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No one says “no, sorry,” to Justin Bieber. Or Rihanna.

When Beowulf and his fashion model, Hailey, let their intentions out – they were looking for a three-week rental in Hampton – Agent Dylan Eckart, working at Montec’s self-proclaimed Prince Nestseckers, found a five-bedroom with a sea view and a pool with runway stumper sea views and a pool. Pad. Eckhart persuaded the owners, who are currently living in the dwelling and not in the market, to temporarily vacate the space with a horrible greed of $ 375,000 for a three-week rent. Their suitcases were probably packed within minutes.

This is not Bieber’s first Hampton rental. In previous years, according to the NY Post, he rented the 17,000-square-foot “Sandcastle” home of watermill developer Joe Farrell, which this year was amassed a staggering হিসাবে 2 million, breaking the East End record as a real deal, and a teardrop of 39 39.99 million. There is also a market for dollars. Bieber and Ferrell also spread a friendly relationship, the developer had previously allowed the pop star to stay at his other home for free and invited him for dinner. Bears returned the compliment with a private concert for Farrell’s family.

Ekcart also found fellow pop superstar Rihanna – who previously rented in Hampton – for a month-long rent in the quiet North Sea area near Southampton, for which she is reportedly paying 415,000. “He was looking for a marine property with a dock and jet ski access,” he says. “It doesn’t exist” “However, he turned it into a secluded property listed for sale for about 11 11 million. “We phoned the landlord and bribed him to rent,” Ekcart said. The two-acre expansive section is anchored by a multi-winged cedar-shingle-clad mansion with modern interior features including wide plank oak floors, a soft color palette and pseudo bean ceilings. Outside there is an 85-foot dock and a waterside swimming pool.

The stratospheric numbers indicate the high demand for Hampton rents this year with celebrities desperate to flee the rich New Yorker city and socially interested in the distance between fellow A-listers. In captive markets, with limited travel, skyrocketing numbers are the price of business. Eckart told Dart he knew early in the season that this year would be like no other. “My phone rang around three in the morning, people were saying,‘ I’m on my way. I have no budget (limitations). “I need a house in Southampton tomorrow,” said Eckert. “It was in February. I haven’t heard. “

Ekcart, who does not count decency as part of his skill set, even refers to his design for making rent where there is apparently nothing, as was the case with both Bieber and Rihanna. “I’m the guy who got it done,” he said. “I’m the prince of real estate in Hampton. I’ve got off-market and on-market staff. If it doesn’t exist, I’ll present it. I’ll have to find it.” He added, “We have mutual acquaintances. He [Bieber] Wanted something personal for সপ্তাহ 150,000 for three weeks. We didn’t get it, so we figured something out. “

The market peaked in JulyM On weekends, Eckert was busier than the Pope at Christmas, signing leases and renting houses, even if the process meant evicting the owners. “I rented everything from Manhattan to Montak and everything in between. Strong anywhere outside of New York City. Westhampton, Montak, Sag Harbor. Rents are up more than 0% this year, “he said.” The epidemic has driven real estate frenzy. Many more people are moving around here full time. When they rent, they end up looking for options to buy. People are renting to buy a house. There is no inconsistency. ”

And that’s, folks, how they roll in the Hamptons.

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