October 25, 2021


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Kacey Musgraves Nude: ‘SNL’ Performance: Yes, She Was Really Nude

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It’s official: Everything about Casey Musgrav’s performance in “Fair Night” on “Saturday Night Live” was real কোন no lip-syncing, no mime, and of course no fake nudity. His presence in the first issue of Saturday’s show was exactly as it was seen: completely buffed, without boots.

“She was naked,” confirmed Musgraves’ preacher Diversity. “Caution was exercised, and this is the first time this has happened on the show.”

It’s safe to say that a large portion of the audience didn’t even notice, as in most of the mood Musgraves had a decent-sized acoustic guitar on a stool, a strap on one shoulder and hair pressed over the other, cross leg but it rarely escapes everyone, as the weekend talks The Did-She-No-She-Duff question arose on Monday morning with his admirable Howard Stern as the subject.

Before it was confirmed by his promoter, the singer / songwriter confirmed that when he and his stylist both posted inspiration for acting on social media: similarly non-electric / non-clothed performance Robin Wright Jenny, “Bobby Dylan” in “Forest Gump” As singing

Stylist Erica Cloud writes, “Boots by @celine, birthday suit by Birthspaceykacey.”

On Reddit, fans who attended live taping and dress rehearsals for Saturday’s show in New York insisted that you got what you saw … even though they didn’t see everything.

One Reddit user wrote, “I was among the dress rehearsal spectators.” After her performance, people gathered large towels around her and stood up to wrap her up to get off the stage. Another wrote: “Live. Pretty sure she was actually naked. I was next to his closest audience. Just before his first song, they set up a moving wall, preventing the audience from seeing him. After the song, they removed it to cover her again and covered her with a kind of towel / dress. He was very cold, he walked from the stage with a towel and played vedu. But yes, it seemed quite legitimate. “

A representative of Musgraves confirmed that he was protected from the audience with a sheet while setting up the performance.

Later, Musgraves wore a flannel shirt and jeans for his second number, “Camera Roll”. The two songs played at the season premiere were from his new album “Star-Crossed”.

“Righteous”, which was the first song to be released from the album, took on a bitter sweet tone as the narrator long after the breakup, singing about being “justified” in moving forward, when it seems that the possibility is left open as the pendant is not waved. “Healing is not in a straight line.” Healing involves throwing a curve, as Musgrave cleared Saturday.

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