February 5, 2023


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Kanya and Lazy Hell team up for Yatra’s ‘Separate Ways’ cover

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Journey’s “Separate Way (Out of the World)” from the 1983 album “Frontiers” arrived 40 years ago and peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. To commemorate its release, rock artists Daughtry and Halestorm have teamed up for a Lazy Hell tribute single, which Chris Daughtry sings. diversity Was inspired by the show “Stranger Things”.

“We wanted to cover a classic and we came up with the idea of ​​doing something that had this ’80s vibe,” he says. “We had a few songs in the mix.”

One was Europe’s “The Final Countdown”, which Daughtry thought was a little “corny”. Then, one night, he and his wife watched the “Stranger Things” finale and it all clicked.

“It was such an incredible episode – the way it was so cinematic,” he says. “I remember the song coming on and, and the way they cut it with the scene, it was so beautiful. I was like, ‘That’s it.’

Kanya had another idea: turning the song into a duet. He immediately thought of Hale. “Lzzy and I had been talking for years about working on a song together, whether it was an original or a cover,” he says of his past tourmate. “We’ve done live stuff before, but never recorded anything. I texted him about doing ‘Different Ways’ and he was like, ‘That’s my go-to karaoke song! I am all.”

Producers Marty Fredericksen and Scott Stevens recorded two in Nashville. Sys Daughtry: “Everyone was in their own place doing their parts. It was such a fun experience just watching Lzzy work. He is such a professional and incredible vocalist. There are some singers who make me jealous of what they can do with their voice and she is one of them.”

An added bonus: There was a kick drum head signed by Journey on display in Fredriksen’s studio. “I’m looking at that drum head, like, ‘It’s not even planted here,’ right?” said the daughter. “It shows it was meant to be — just a little happy accident.”

Hale added: “Chris Daughtry and I have been threatening to release a duet for years. What better way to do that than to pay tribute to one of our mutual influences. Journey!”

The tour is slated to begin in 2023 despite falling out over finances and other inter-band drama with members Neil Schon and Jonathan Cain. What does Daughtry make of the situation? “It’s a bit annoying, but hopefully they hear it and both approve.”

Listen to the song below:

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