September 22, 2021


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Kanye West broke down, making suspicious claims about Harriet Tobman

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Kanye West broke down in tears, making an outrageous claim about the abolitionist Harriet Tubman, expelling a heller, and claiming that his brain was too big for his skull during his first presidential campaign on Sunday.

“Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, only forced them to work for other white people,” he said in a statement, adding that the little-seen structure was bound from one subject to another. At another moment, he and wife Kim Kardashian broke up while sharing that West considered an abortion (their four children), and then said that his own father wanted him to stop the abortion. “There was no Kanye West … because my dad was so busy!” West Kandal.

Apparently wearing a bulletproof minimalist outfit, West ranged from social media to his Adidas deal, ramping up a number of other topics during his ramping speech at the Charleston Excise Event Center in South Carolina. The crowd’s response – “only registered guests” – ranged from sympathy to disgust at various times: “Okay, we’re leaving now. “The West then immediately argued that the National Basketball Basketball Association and Universal Music Group had no black owners, although the latter was owned by the public French company Vivendi.

The West demanded “silent silence and absolute discipline” – even asking audience members to point to what they heard – at one point threatening to applaud the crowd and, for unexpected reasons, expelling another audience member. He invited her to the stage for a discussion with a young woman, although his comments were mostly unheard of.

Judging the response through social media, the appearance has raised concerns about mental health in the West. He often said he was biased and often denied medication. He was hospitalized for stress and fatigue and was reportedly placed on a psychiatrist after several stent sts during his “St. Pablo” visit in late 2014.

See the whole thing on Facebook.

Announced earlier in the day and placed in a small room before the presence of several hundred people, all present were asked to sign a COVID-19 liability release form, social distance and wear a mask,

West apparently sincerely announced on Twitter that he would run for president in the fourth month of July, just two weeks ago. Politico reports that West filed an official statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission last week using the Birthday Campaign (BDY) as an affiliate of his political party.

On Saturday evening, he asked his followers on Twitter to sign a petition to drop him into the South Carolina ballot. Western was able to get on the Oklahoma ballot this week with a $ 35,000 fee before the cut-off deadline instead of getting the petition signed. The deadline to register as a candidate in writing has passed in several states, but many have been extended to August and September, with a small opportunity for Westerners to collect enough petition signatures to put him on the ballot in these states. Writing in most states requires a few thousand signatures for the candidate.

After several reports about the spread of the Long Shot candidate campaign last week, many fans were surprised to see the West promise to race. According to Politico, he did not register at any major polling station.

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