March 29, 2023


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Kanye West tweeted that he is running for president… this year – diversity

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With nothing but a national holiday being immediately apparent, Kanye West announced on social media on Saturday night that he was coming to the presidency in 2020.

We must now realize America’s commitment to God, unify our vision and build our future. I am running for president in the United States, “he wrote, followed by the hashtag” 2020 Vision “and the symbol of the American flag.

This was the culmination of his presidential proclamation, which reached as low a platform as a press release or other statement for an election four months away.

On Twitter, near election day, some Westerners welcomed the announcement with some skepticism about the West’s real intentions of running an independent campaign. Not among the skeptics, though: Elon Musk, who responded by tweeting: “You have my full support!”

The West has no information on the presidency as of this writing on its own website. Neither is on his Instagram account, which has three-day-old photos of himself with Kasturi as its new entry.

The president has never been ashamed before in the West about setting the president’s ambitions. In 2015, during a wide-ranging acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards, he said, “You could probably guess by this moment, I decided to run for president in 2020.” Although he seemed serious at the time, viewers took note that West admitted that he was under the influence of weeds at the time. (“You’re thinking right now, you’re thinking right now: ‘I’m wondering: did he smoke a bit before he got here?’ The answer is yes, I’ve rolled a bit.”)

At least for the moment, the question may be resolved whether the West has the will to vote for Donald Trump during the fall, as he has suggested, as one of the main supporters of the president in recent years.

“And we know who I’m voting for,” West said in a lengthy profile published in GQ Magazine in April. “And I don’t want to let the people around me and the people on their agenda know that my career is coming to an end. Guess the reason: I’m still here! “The West, who once wore a muga hat for a meeting with the president, also said in that interview that the situation has improved in some ways under Trump’s presidency:” I bought real estate. Better than it is now to be in Obama’s office. They don’t teach you to buy property at school. They teach you how to be someone’s property. “

Recently, Wester used social media to align himself with the marchers, suggesting that he no longer keep pace with Trump on all issues.

The rapper / mogul has recently dedicated 100% of his music output to Christian music. It includes a new single with Travis Scott, “Wash in Our Blood”, although a New York Times review noted that the new song has more “lyrical impressions, including public imprisonment and other moral concerns.”

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