March 29, 2023


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Katy Perry, Join John Legend House Party Live at the ‘Sitting at Home’ Event – Various iety

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Houseparty, driven by epidemics of use, is trying to strike while the iron is hot: the social video-chat app has lined up Katy Perry, John Legend and more than 40 others for a three-day livestreaming event this weekend.

In the ongoing episode of the House Party’s “In House” event on Friday, May 15, Sunday, May 17, Perry and legendary performances, as well as Doza Cat, Alicia Key, Dabby, Bad Bun, Neil Patrick Harris, Kegan-Michael, will be featured. Menzel, Sarah Michelle Geller and many more.

Other talents recently announced to join “In the House” include David Blaine, Lindsay Harrod, Gabby Butler, Snoop Dogg, Chevrolets and Dua Lipa.

It’s not just about performance, according to House Party CEO and co-founder Sima Sistani. While many entertainers are leaning towards online performances during COVID-19 lockdowns, the event is more than just singing and dancing – he says viewers will get a closer and more intimate look at the celebrity’s life and interests.

For example, Katy Perry (scheduled to air live on Saturday, May 16 at 8pm) will not only sing her new song “Daisies” (to debut on Friday) on her house party live stream, but she will also talk about the inspiration behind it. House party viewers will be able to watch cooking videos with Snoop Dogg, Zoo Deshchanel, Bad Bonnie, Jose Andres and Christina Tosi; Workout routines from Terry Crew and Cam Newton; Dance with Derek Huff and Addison Roy; And a magic show by Neil Patrick Harris. Alicia Keys will sing and share her commute workout routine.

The “The In-House” series lets you watch videos at house parties while chatting with your friends, Diversity. “We’re looking forward to seeing the appointment… trying to capture the feeling of sitting on the couch for that special occasion with your family or friends on Friday night. We have invited some of our favorite artists to take part in this kick off event. “

As a brand-building practice, Sistani said the House party was throwing the three-day event as a way to inspire joy and sympathy, which he said was serious during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The event is free for all house party users on iOS, Android and the web. Free-to-use apps carry ads, but ads will not be included in “in-house” live streams, said Sistani, a one-time CAA agent and former Tumblr media executor.

“The event is fully supported by the House party,” Sistani said. “It simply came to our notice then. We are bringing content to our users that we think they will enjoy with their friends and family. “Event schedule is available at this link.

Launched in 2001, House Party was acquired last year by Games publisher Epic Games. Video conferencing services like Zoom have grown in popularity during coronavirus outbreaks.

During the 30-day period from mid-March to mid-April, Houseparty saw 50 million new signups; The company is not disclosing the number of active users. According to the House Party, the average conversation time per user consistently stays above 65 minutes.

The House party is clearly focused on reaching out to customers through more business-oriented services, such as Land, Cisco Webex or Google Meet, featuring fun, multi-user, social-network lenses. Facebook recently announced plans for a free video conferencing service for Messenger Room.

Once a live video has started on the House Party app, it cannot be played again. However, the company will re-broadcast each of the “In the House” shows live 12 hours after the “live stream.” Anyone who opens a house party during the “In House” live video can add it to their own group chat for a private viewing party.

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