October 16, 2021


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Katy Perry, Lord, Rita Moreno celebrates at the Power of Women event

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Katy Perry sang “What Makes a Woman.” Amanda Gorman recites “We wake up.” The Lord called for the protection of the earth and the aborigines. Only she and Rita Moreno were shocked by her 89-year-old young biography as Channing Dunji defined her abilities.

DiversityThe strength of the women presented at the Lifetime event on Thursday night was an intimate dinner with a big help of inspiration for around people00 people. Across the entertainment industry, those made-to-order balmy nights in Beverly Hills gathered under the stars.

The evening sponsored by Cadillac as the main sponsor was a lot of energy for the stars to thank the five dignitaries who received them for their honor and philanthropic efforts. Another major attraction, however, was the opportunity to blend in and out in an outdoor environment – the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts – with strict COVID protocols. DiversityThe first personal incident in more than 18 months.

The mood was hilarious as guests began to arrive for the mood cocktail reception. “I didn’t do it for a while,” “It’s nice to see you,” “I haven’t worn heels in a year,” and the variety of that speech was heard throughout the night as participants reunited, squeezed, and yes even hugged.

Among those in the crowd who still have plenty of elbow room were Warner Media’s Ann Sernoff, Netflix’s Lisa Nishimura, Paramount Television’s Nicole Clemens, Universal Studio Group’s Parlena Igbokway, NBC’s Lisa Katz, HBO’s Amy Gray Paul Busiari of the network, Brett Paul of Warner Bros. TV, Amy Israel of Showtime, actor Marley Matlin, culinary star Sandra Lee and actor Justina Machado.

The presentation began with a startling special appearance by Paxton Smith, an 18-year-old woman from Dallas, who spoke at the last rally of her high school graduation in Texas to speak out against the recently signed anti-abortion law. June. Smith has laid down the consequences of the law and its implicit application – through civil lawsuits that anyone can sue for aborted Texas residents – in complete relief. Her voice trembled as she tried to express the need for this law for young women in her homeland.

“If I became pregnant, the potential life-changing decision to conceive was taken out of my hands and handed over to a stranger,” Smith said. “I can be forced to have a child in the way a stranger believes, in the will of a stranger – to live the life I live, regardless of the impact it will have on the life I’m working on. “

Another young over-achiever, “Euphoria” star Hunter Schaefer, saluted the Lord’s influence as a young woman.

“Lord’s first album and song were everything. For many young people like me, it felt like we found out on the album and by its singer,” Schaefer said.

When he became an international music sensation at the age of 1, he spoke from the heart about the opportunity to call him a “golden microphone.” 350 How to make the best use of her celebrity status to help an environmental organization like Aotearoa, her charity for Power of Women.

“When we talk about power, about the expansion of the single voice, we must acknowledge those who do not have such an extension. Tonight, I’m thinking of women whose place of birth or skin color or socio-economic status always makes them less likely to transfer a megaphone. Or the women who will change the climate will affect me long before they do. People like me are elected – by ballot, board vote, or Instagram likes. Your ability to connect with this fact directly related to the lack of others is important for understanding and contextualizing what you are able to do. ”

Gorman’s tribute was introduced by none other than Angelina Jolie, who saluted the young poet who rocked the country by reciting the poem “The Hill We Climb” at President Joe Biden’s inaugural ceremony in January. At the age of 23, Gorman’s words and incredible spirit helped ease the pain left by the January 6 riots.

“The young woman of grace, who stepped on the podium fearlessly on the opening day, is not only the youngest, we can ask for the strongest voice in that moment,” Jolie said.

Gorman, who put the spotlight on the nonprofit Rightgirl, explained to the crowd that he looked to poetry for inspiration in his life, so when given the responsibility of giving an uplifting speech, he naturally went back to his own words. Gorman’s awakening poem “We Rise” was created for Power of Women, with the goal of encouraging women in the industry to do well in their own power networks and support the right causes.

We know that when he takes action to correct a mistake /
He will fight to bring others /
Network, Conversation /
Working together to change communities /
And race for generations, our world /
The strongest is longer /
Women are able to sit at the table.

Filmmaker Ava Duverne was the recipient of the award, with Dungey, a trilogyblazing executive whose first in many industries was the first black woman to run the Big Four broadcast network and the first woman to chair Warner Bros. TV Group.

Duvarni, who was a top executive at Dunji, who made great strides as a director while working on ABC’s “Scandal,” cited the achievements of his friends and colleagues. He stopped and told the crowd to drown.

Dungey had a big smile with her opening line, which was a compliment to her husband, businessman Scott Power. “I’ve been a woman of‘ power ’for a long time,” she said with a big smile and a big thank you. “I will not stand here today without power’s support,” he said.

Dungey is one of the most powerful executives on television, but he admits to being overwhelmed when he talks about the world’s problems, even in the backyard of Hollywood. Dungey’s Women of Power Focus Charity was the Children’s Institute, which helps disadvantaged children across Los Angeles County.

Dunji told the crowd that he got great perfection in working as a board member and getting involved in the Children’s Institute program.

“Sometimes the problems and challenges in this world can seem overwhelming, and it can make some of us feel powerless at times,” he said. But remember, the word energy means ‘to be able.’ We are all capable of acting, ”Dunji said. “We are all capable of leading. We are all able to inspire. We are all strong. Use your energy, and make a difference in this world.

Writer and showrunner Gloria Calderon introduced the Kellet Igat legend who co-starred in her “One Day” reboot for Netflix and Pop TV. Calderon Clelett recalls her joy when she realizes that with a little help from Norman Lear, she will be able to cast Moreno in the role of “Rita Moreno-type” in “ODAAT”, a character based on Calderon Clelett’s own mother. This success earned the show-runner a “major mom point”, he joked.

As soon as he got on stage, Moreno hit a model pose that perfectly captures his octogenarian effervescence (on December 11 he was 90 years old). Moreno, who focused on the healthcare agency Rotacare Bay Area, recalled his childhood in New York and his early struggles as a contracted player in Hollywood, and compared them to their current battles during deep cultural conflicts.

Moreno said, “My hope is that tonight more women like the dignitaries here gain positions of power and influence, they keep the fire burning for those who aspire.” “We are living in a time when we need to be vigilant. As women, many things need our attention in this dark day – when our leaders do the politics of masking and polarizing our citizens with vaccines; While many think climate change is a science fiction and in a divided America healthcare has not yet been defined as a basic human right.

“None of us can accept the world on our own, but if one thing is certain in my 90s, it is the power of a sisterhood of women working for change,” she said. “Life grows in us and we take care of it – we’re investing heavily! I believe all women have the potential to plant wherever they are.”

“CBS Morning” anchor Gayle salutes King Perry, who throws the spotlight at the Fireworks Foundation that he runs with his sister Angela Hudson.

“Katie has a real passion for protecting the most vulnerable children in the world. She is an advocate for women’s rights, human rights and the LGBTQ community. And he campaigned hard for both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, ”King said. “She was the woman who stood at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in 2016 and told America that on election day, ‘as much as you say, it’s like an NRA lobbyist.’ And while many agree, for an actor of his level, believe me, there is a price to pay. “

Perry broke down in tears when he thanked Hudson, as well as other members of his team who were present.

He added, “Thank you so much for keeping me focused on doing better, keeping my feet on the fire, holding me accountable, setting up all the logistics so that we can make an impact in our lives and other lives.” . “I love you and I look at you.” He also thanked his fellow actor Orlando Bloom, “for handling the insanity of my life.”

Perry closed the evening with an unexpected behavior. She performed her 2000 song “What Makes a Woman”, accompanied by acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist Devon Eisenberger. Another wonderful moment came when Perry called Bloom from his desk to the stage and helped loosen the corset of his wide flowing gown. “It’s a little tight – I can’t sing.”

And she sang. Perry gave a captivating presentation of the empowered uptempo ballads.

You could spend your whole life, but you couldn’t
Describe what a woman does
He was always a perfect mystery
You could spend your whole life, but you couldn’t
Describe what a woman does
And that’s what makes me a woman.

Jennifer Yuma, Shirley Halparin, Monica Marie Jorilla, Joe Otterson and Shirley Halparin contributed to this report.

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