September 21, 2021


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Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ has references to ‘Thor’ Marvel

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Living in the era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe means your favorite superheroes can pop up anywhere on Multiverse – including Prestige Award dramas from the 1960s.

That’s exactly what happened at Kenneth Branna’s “Belfast,” which saw a winning premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Sunday night. The emotional, loose Lolla autobiographical project follows a 90-year-old boy who survived the political turmoil in Northern Ireland in the 1980s.

The surrogate of director and writer Brana in the film is the adorable newcomer Jude Hill, whose value and purity inspired the audience to shed tears on the ground at the Canadian festival.

Although the movie shows glimpses of the violent communal upheaval of the time, there is a lot of joy as the young hill age increases. It includes a sweet moment where the character is shown tied up, reading a wine Marvel comic starring Thor.

Branagh must have had a personal relationship with the god of lightning. He directed the 2011 film “Thor”, the first big screen adventure starring Chris Hemsworth. The film, which grossed nearly ড 500 million worldwide, made two sequels with its fourth hit through Disney the following year. The moment delights the TIFF audience, who applaud the scene.

The Marvel reference is one of many that call for pop nostalgia. The local movie house and a rabbit-eared television set play a major role in “Belfast”, as Hill and his family (led by Jamie Dornan and Katherina Balf) take on the content of the period. These include Jane Funder’s “Barbarala”, stop-motion “Godzilla”, Raquel Welch’s “One Million Years BC” and the original “Stark Trek” series.

Branagh, who broke down in tears after Sunday’s premiere, described “Belfast” as a reflection of “precious and simple” things, saying it was about a boy who had “a love for his family and movies.”

Focus Features will release “Belfast” in theaters on November 12.

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