March 25, 2023


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Kenny Chesney tops the album charts, but Drake has 6 out of 10 songs – different

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In the race between Kenny Chesney and Drake at the top of the album charts, the country music superstar left his rivals behind in a week that hip-hop could otherwise dominate the top of the list, as the trend has been going on for weeks.

Chesney’s “Here and Now” Rolling Stone album chart with 227,800 album units enters No. 1. Drake’s “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” album, described as a mediator “mixtex” in the big releases, came in second with 206,900 album units.

Drake won’t shed many tears about landing at No. 2 with his album. On the song chart, he has six in the top 10 and 15 in the top 25.

Chesney’s chart-topping album debuted. As was common with many superstar releases until the epidemic hit, “Here and Now” benefited from “bundling”, the practice of selling a digital album with concert tickets during tour sales. For obvious reasons, this will happen again in the near future. No, but Chesney’s planned spring and summer stadium tour was sold out last October, although dates Rca months were suspended, but the albums are still being sold prior to the fall of sales is calculated as.

Breaking it down, Chesney’s release sold 218,600 albums on the album, and 11,800 standalone songs – a comparatively full sales volume for its average of 9.9 million streams. It is not known how many of these albums were sold as part of the ticket bundle.

In contrast, Drake’s release saw very little in the way of original album sales – only 20,300 – but personal song sales were a fairly impressive number of 35,800. Where it has been at its best, of course most hip-hop albums are now in the streaming section. “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” has racked up 220.8 million streams, 22 times more than the Chesney album.

It’s the third and fourth place kids fight – Lil Baby and Dababi, it. Lil Baby earned 98,400 album units with “My Turn” catching her No. 3 spot since last week. Dababi moved down from No. 2 to No. 4 because “Baby Blame Day” has moved 47,000 album units.

Last week’s first number kicked out of the top ten. Youngboy Never Brock Again’s “38 Kids 2” dropped 11 from the top to the bottom with 27,200 album units. This rapid deepening of interest in the market could be with Youngboy, as it was his third release in eight months – although it doesn’t seem to be hitting Debbie on his third album in 14 months.

Megan Thi Stallion’s revivalist “Suga” is coming “hours later” after the number 5 of the week. Arriving at the number, her album, which looks like it may be obsolete after its initial release, is looking for her thanks to her number one song “Savage”, which features Beyonc হিসাবে as a guest.

Reaching the top of the list to date is Doza Cat’s “Hot Pink” No. 1 on the charts. Numbers. It’s also getting a great lift from the hit single – Doza Cats’ “Say So” featuring Nicki Minaj on the song chart, at number two.

Nowadays a few new albums are making some sort of splash on the charts as fewer and fewer artists are releasing new releases outside the realm of hip-hop. After racing for the top two positions, you will need to go to No. 22 for a new entry called “Gardens in the Gardens” of the Christian group Elevation Worship.

Then, the next highest entries are Rapi Mozi’s “Beyond Bulletproof” at No. 3 at and Young Thug / Chris Brown’s collaboration at “Slim and B” at No. 39, Jo Jojo’s highly acclaimed comeback, “Good to Know,” at No. 41.

As mentioned earlier, the Rolling Stone song chart is directed by Megan Thi Stallion’s “Savage” and Doza Cat’s “Say So” (those tracks are given a higher profile as celebrity guests associated with Baines and Nicki Minaj). “Savage” had 26.6 million streams for the week and “Say So” had 19.1 million.

Drake has six of the top 10 (and 15 in the top 25) songs at the top of “Pain 1993”, featuring Playboy Karti at No. 3, his previously released smash “Tusi Sliding to the Slide,” now at No. 4.

The top ten on the album charts next week could probably include three big releases released this past weekend: Kehlani, Hailey Williams and Bad Bunny’s Surprising Drop.

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