March 29, 2023


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Kenya Barris has bought another Los Angeles house – a variety

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About two years ago, “Black-Ish” creator Kenya Barris signed a এক 1 million overall deal with Netflix, putting him on a rare list of producers – including Shanda Rhymes, Ryan Murphy and “Game of Thrones” performers David Benif and DB. . Weiss – Able to handle a nine-image production deal with one of the world’s largest media juggernauts.

However, “#BlackAF,” Barris’ first exclusive Netflix show, failed to attract the same criticism as “Black-Ish” did (and still does), with Kenya Barris portraying Kenya Barris, albeit a black man who deals with new money in a higher and modern world. Extensive version of Kenya Barris as the ancestor of the family. The results have consistently attracted mixed reviews, including a number of negatives. Diversity Note that Sitcom is “the most straightforwardly encouraging series about family life in memory,” and it “[depicts] Life and intelligence stuff suffocated by the big pile. “

In real life, what Barris probably portrayed for Netflix cameras is clearly not a comprehensible caricature. But with at least four expensive LA-area homes, he has plenty of beautiful things to do. Last year, he paid. 7.76 million for a new modern mansion in Enquino, and last month he doubled down in the San Fernando Valley to build a bigger house in Studio City. The latest acquisition, according to property records, ran him 4.6 million.

Completed in 2017 by a local developer, the Cape Cod-style home was sold the same year to pop musician Emanuel “Iman” Kiriakou, who previously worked as Selina Gomez, Celine Dion and Nick Lachi. The .38-acre mini-estate features approximately 6,300 square feet of living space, including the original home and its large basement, as well as a fountain isolated pool house.

As part of that, Kiriaku kept the property for just three years before returning it to Barris in an off-market deal for .6 4.6 million – a closing profit of closing 400,000 before tax, closing costs and a hefty realtor fee.

Studio City offers a special main and thin pocket-walled, walled and gated spread a front-facing three-car garage, with additional driveway parking for five more luxury vehicles. Outside of the tree-shaded front lawn, the house’s open-plan features spacious hardwood floors, formal living and dining rooms, and a spacious great house that surrounds the high-end kitchen, breakfast area and spacious family room. Sets of French doors provide easy access to the backyard and there is a convenient refrigerated wine cellar for loaded cubs.

The upper staircase master suite is brilliantly employed with an extra-large bedroom, seating area and a fireplace. The master bath provides a built-in soaking tub, plus an expensive stone shower. Elsewhere in the house there is a screening room, private office and several guest bedroom suites. For the basement, it has plenty of space to work as an informal lounge, studio or gym sitting at home.

In the back, the dark bottled swimming pool includes an inset spa and baja shelf for sunbathing, while the adjoining pool house has its own kitchen. The yard itself is landscaped, with front and back of wide lawns. Hedges and mature trees surround the estate, providing a decent measure of privacy.

Baris, who was separated from his longtime wife Dr Rania “Rainbow” Barris last year, is now playing a portfolio of private housing worth about ২০ 20 million. His io.6 million Studio City property and the aforementioned .6. In addition to the Million Million Encino mansion, property records show that Barris Encino maintains a 6 million home elsewhere, but very generally – if at very low cost – most of the Valley Village’s unprepared L.A.

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