September 18, 2021


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Kerry has spoken to Washington Bayano and “The Fight.”

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“The Fight” may be released on Friday, but producer Kerry Washington understands whether people have seen Beyonc “‘s “Black Is King” before.

“I know what I see on Friday. I will be firmly in the bee, but [‘The Fight’ is] There, “Washington said Thursday during the tapping of one of its upcoming episodes Diversity And the iHart podcast “The Big Ticket”.

Washington says the two films are praising each other. “We are a great addition to the values ​​of empowerment and humanity,” he said. “And our narratives really value inclusion and it feels really special to work at a time when talking about the beauty of all people.”

“Small fires everywhere” star said she would love to work with Queen Wedding “I thought this morning, because I’m managing so much more and I really love to manage … I should probably contact her team because she’s managing Works so nicely with different directors with different directors.So I don’t know if he will stay with me but it will be really special.

Perhaps Washington’s family connections can help keep it going. “I will go through our parents. Our parents, they get really good. Tina and Mr. Earl, “he said.” So they can do something. “

Directed by Alice Steinberg, Josh Craigman and Eli Despress, “The Fight” has followed five ACLU attorneys as they fight the Trump administration’s efforts to rollback on female reproduction, voting, LGBTQ and immigration rights.

“I think what a lot of people have said is that it’s hard to see, but it’s so encouraging to know that when you wake up in the morning and you think, I don’t know what to panic today, about women’s reproductive rights. Should there be more pressure about attacks or attacks on the LGBTQ community, or attacks on the immigrant community? I mean you can include a lot of the community. Or attacks on blacks and police violence? ”Washington d. “There are a lot of fights to fight right now, but I’m relieved and a lot of people have said that they’ve been relieved to know that ACLU is in a fight by waking up … You can say with confidence that ACLU is working on the ground to protect the rights of all Americans.” “

In the end, Washington hopes that viewers will also be inspired to get involved. “We may not have you and I go to law school, but we have our own gifts and resources that we can bring to the fight,” he said. “It even bakes cupcakes and sells them and that money is sent to ACLU. You can call your legislators by phone. You can write letters, post, walk, vote, fill out your census. We can. There is so much I can do. “

“The Fight” is in theaters and available on demand.

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