September 20, 2021


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Korea Box Office: The movie ‘Steel Rain 2’ is in action

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The action thriller “Steel Rain 2: Summit” dominated the South Korean box office in the first weekend. In doing so, it dropped the “peninsula” from where it had been for the past two weeks.

Published by Lotte Entertainment on Wednesday, “Steel Rain 2” earned করেছে 94.92 million from 663,000 admissions at the end of the weekend. In its five days to date, it has collected 0 7.03 million from 1.02 million ticket sales.

Directed by Yang U-suk, the film envisions a trilateral summit between North Korea, South Korea and the United States to finally end the 1950-53 Korean War.

The film shows Wong-Wong as South Korean leader, Yoo Yoon-seok as North Korean leader and Angus McFadyen as US president. When the three leaders agreed, they kidnapped an enterprising North Korean general and left him in a nuclear submarine.

It is a sequel to the 2014 hit “Steel Rain” in which special agents from North and South Korea have to cooperate to avoid military conflict. The previous film grossed $ 2.7 million from 4.44 million admissions.

The release of “Steel Rain 2” has emerged as another success for the re-opening of Korean cinema, yet the pace of release and the lack of big Hollywood titles is hampering growth. The gross box office for the top ten films rose 44% to 7.68 million, up from $ 5.33 million previously. But the chart did not have depth.

“Steel Rain 2” accounted for 62% of the market, while “Peninsula” enjoyed 28%. “Peninsula” earned ড 2.24 million in the third frame, down 50% from 4.51 million. It now totals মোট 25.1 million after its July 15 release.

A deadly hit last year, “Aladdin” is in third place with 176,000 in the second weekend of release. Its market share over the weekend was a tiny 2.2%. The Chinese animation, “Happy Little Submarine: Space Pulses” was the only new image on the note, earning 9 169,000 from 400 screens for a 2.1% market share.

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