September 21, 2021


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Korea jumped at the box office: M মিল 10 million for ‘Save us from evil’

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The action thriller, “Delivery Makes Us Worse”, launched a 10.6 million in South Korean movies, surpassing 75% of the country’s overall box office.

Directed by Hong On-chan (“Office”) and starring Huang Jong-min and Li Jung-ja, the film was released on Wednesday and ran for a total of 15 15 million in five days. As measured by admissions, 1.39 million people bought tickets to the movie over the weekend, and more than 2 million people agreed to bold anti-cornovirus restrictions between Wednesday and Sunday.

The film’s weekend score was achieved from 1,997 screens and accounted for 78% of the total market. The distribution is CJ Entertainment.

Overall nationwide box office jumped from $ 7.68 million to .4 13.4 million, with two more local titles claiming the top three spot. This is in contrast to the mainland China market where the box office has made 17 million over the past two weekends and where there may still be strong new local headline deliveries.

Last week’s Korean box office winner “Steel Rain 2: Summit” dropped to second place and its score dropped 70% to $ 1.48 million. After 12 days its sum is now 7 10.7 million.

Falling in third place, “Peninsula” earned over 746,000 over the weekend, with a decline of 67%. Its total collection since launching on July 15, is now $ 2.0 million. Its global total is more than 40 40 million, including figures from half a dozen other Asian regions that have been published.

The multinational animation, “Animal Crackers” was released on Wednesday and opened its account in fourth place. It grossed over 2 362,000 over the weekend and 16 516,000 in five days, from 77,77,000 ticket sales.

Below the top four, no other film has a share of more than 1%. Re-released, fifth place “Aladdin” to make his lifetime score more than 91 91 million. Earned 92,000 earned Chinese animation, “Happy Little Submarine: Space Pals” earned another $ 75,000 for six weekends of ছয় 9439,000. The lower spaces were filled with “Beauty and the Beast”, “Better Day”, “Forward” and “Bombshell”.

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