September 21, 2021


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Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in the movie ‘Spencer’ clip

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Lady D has made her debut in Vegas.

The crowd of theater owners at the cinema, the annual trade show convention currently on display at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, first saw a footage of “Spencer”, a biographical play featuring Kristen Stewart as the young Princess Diana.

“Spencer”, set in 1991, unfolds over the Christmas holidays and Diana (born Diana Frances Spencer) quarrels with Prince Charles over her decision to end her marriage. English actor Jack Firthing is starring alongside Stuart as the clear heir to the British throne.

The footage, which was not made available to the general public, features great suits, wide scenes – and exciting conversations between the Prince and the Princess of Wales. At another point on the teaser trailer show to Cinemacon attendees, Stuart’s Diana hangs out through the estate grounds and avoids the paparazzi, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the princess of the people is struggling to balance her personal and public personalities.

Prior to its hour-long presentation at the cinema, Neon, the studio backed the film, unveiling a new poster with the tagline “End of Every Fairy Tale”.

Pablo Lauren (“Jackie”) directed “Spencer”, written by Steven Knight, creator of “Picky Blinders”. During Neon’s cinematic presentation, the company’s CEO and founder Tom Quinn took the stage to feature footage from the fantasy drama “Petit Maman”, along with Celine Siama, director of “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” as well as an emotional Sundance Award-winning documentary.

Being a cinematographer in a difficult time for the theater business. Without a steady stream of new movies for over a year to entice viewers, Delta Variety is creating new threats to the return of moviegoing. As a result of prolonged theater closures and low attendance levels, studios have broken the tradition of art by keeping their biggest movies on the same day on their theatrical release day on the streaming platform.

Not every Hollywood company has abandoned the idea of ​​an exclusive theatrical window. The distribution company behind the Oscar-winning “Parasite” has released a number of films in theaters amid the neon epidemic, including “Ammonite” starring Kate Winselt and Ronan in Sauras; And “pigs” led by Nicholas Cage.

“Spencer” is set to release on the big screen on November 5 and is looking to find itself in the race for the prize. Before the dramatic debut, the movie will premiere at the Venice Film Festival, which runs from 1 September to 11 September.

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