September 23, 2021


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LA Studio Avenida has opened up new avenues for local Indians

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Fanny and Nelson Grande, actors and producers, saw the need for independent filmmakers to struggle through the difficult and sometimes frustrating process of financing a project, filming and distributing it. Provides guidance to clients on their shingles, avenida, groundfunding and its management, pre-production, production and post, distribution and marketing, and focuses on Latino, female and LGBTQ-Plus manufacturers, the voices that support them with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. Including.

Now, Avenida Studio Space offers affordable rates for the Indies. With 7,000 square feet, the location of Beverly Boulevard near Eco Park in Los Angeles প্রায় about eight to 10 minutes drive down downtown LA-is being built with green curtains, a hospital set, an apartment, a prison cell, building facades, a flexible screening space that is 50- Can seat up to 100, plus an aircraft fuselage and lift bank-sets that can be priced out of range for indie manufacturers.

Avenida also includes a ventilated costume and makeup room with special lighting and natural light loads, a greenroom, a meeting room and a kitchen; ADR and post production suite work in progress. There is a fake network Wi-Fi throughout the studio.

“So what we’re doing is taking a real stand on behalf of independent filmmakers is providing them with all the resources they need to successfully shoot their project,” Nelson says.

The general areas are inspired by the couple’s experience at the WeWork facility: bright, open and comfortable to encourage idea swaps. Also, there are wonderful small restaurants nearby. The place is decorated with works by local Latino artists.

“We want people to think, ‘OK, I have all the comforts and everything I need,'” Fanny said. Nelson added, “You don’t get scraps, residues – they really need to be inspired.”

Producers can rent the entire first floor of the facility, and filmmakers can apply to Avenida to help take their projects from an idea to a distribution. Grand’s goal is to empower emerging voices.

“A lot [other] Places are $ 5,000 per day and above, which is a 12-hour block. We’ll work with numbers under it because we want to get people here, but again, we’re doing it for independent filmmakers. We don’t want to be out of reach, “he said. “We’re not going to be cheap because you’ll get a lot here, but we’re going to be affordable and competitive.”

“We are working with filmmakers, mostly from under-represented communities who have not had access to college.
Resources [that others have], “Said Fanny.

Avenida is getting ready to launch its own crowdfunding platform soon.

So in addition to new places for production, the couple is digging into the community. Nelson, an aboriginal from Highland Park, remembers what the production picture was like in his context and the couple is very committed to the “must see” thought. Avenida has an internship program and organizes a variety of workshops, while Los Angeles City Councilor Mitch O’Farrell also communicates about the content creation and touring education program with bottom line training for local students.

“We want to establish our roots in the neighborhood and start programs with local schools and start educating young people about careers in the industry,” Nelson said.

They run Avenida with the goal of transforming the entertainment industry from the inside out for black, brown, indigenous and LGBTQ + creatives. “The best thing is. You empower yourself. You’re not waiting for someone to play a role. You can show them. You can do it,” Fanny said.

Fanny and Nelson are exploring studio spaces in Atlanta and San Antonio.

“Avenida is just a fun thing to do. Avenida means avenue in Spanish. And for us, we just had to take all these new avenues to Hollywood. To make your own way, ”Nelson says.

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