March 21, 2023


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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande dance the pain away in the video ‘Rain on Me’ – Variety

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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande matched up as the pop power pair of their moment in their upcoming music video for “Rain on Me” released on digital services at midnight on Friday.

After dropping the single late Thursday night, Gaga and Grand teased Twitter That video will be coming soon. “If you stay up all night drinking at W Call[ith] Your friends are listening to #Renan to see if you can wake up better and get some coffee for the video to be off, “Gaga tweeted.

The result is a pre-epidemic depiction – a journey to a far-flung land, where Gaga and Grande dance with their own crew, of course, the sky opens… not just with the rain, but in Gaga’s case the knife falls. First, Gaga and Grande are distinguished by both choreography and color – Gaga’s hot pink theme complements her signature statato dance style and Grande’s purple, butterfly-embellished dress brings soft and bright movement. However, soon the two of them came together in the second chorus for the Catharic dance party and sang the song, “I’ll be dry but at least I’m alive.”

Gaga changes costumes to reflect the forces that join the duo, over time with the spoken-word interval: Grande sets her hair down in two pieces and Gaga reminds Grand’s signature pony with her hair half-above in a piece of pink. Especially in an icon shot Gaga and Grand holding hands on her back and their hair flowing in the air. As they dance happily in the rain, it is understood that the two have become stronger together and the video ends with a sweet shot embracing Gaga and Grand.

“Rain on Me” Gaga is out on May 29th from her upcoming sixth album “Chromatica”, watch the full video below.

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