March 20, 2023


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Larry King Podcast ‘Millionaire Questions’ Contract Price M 5 Million – Variety

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Larry King is getting ready to launch his first podcast. Why not Hell?

King, 86, whose career spans more than six decades on radio and TV, is set to host an entertainment and celebrity interview podcast, “The Millionaire Questions.” Aimed at debuting through June, this hour-long podcast will feature guests from across pop culture, sports, music and comedy. The title of the podcast consisted of King’s long track record as an interviewer: The former CNN host estimated that he had more than 600,000 interviews.

“Opportunity to take [the podcast interview show] Told me interesting outside of the world of politics Diversity. He said he had a stroke last year “but I’m fine now – why not stay alert and inquisitive?”

King Chance is going to launch a podcast with King (Laurie’s 21-year-old son, his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick), and the two are set to launch a podcast with former multi-theater Impressio Jeff Judgment on the newly formed 4 Forty 4 media banner. “I jumped at the chance when Jeff and Chance came to me,” Larry King said.

According to Becher, who did not refuse to go into details about how the deal was formed, according to the trial, King has been guaranteed বহু 5 million in a multi-year deal with Fortune 4. Produced by Justice and Chance King, “Millionaire Questions” will be ready for the initial 11-episode run.

One of the first guests of “Millionaire Questions” will be Mariah Carey (a friend of the trial). “We will go after all sorts of celebrities, including this epidemic,” King mentioned of his “old friend” Dr. Anthony Fawcett, who became a family name during the COVID-19 crisis.

NBC legend Michael Jordan (Kurant due to ESPN’s hit documentary “The Last Dance”) and Donald Trump, whose King says he has been interviewed several times, are on the wish list for Kings’ interview. But according to King, he wants to chat with Trump “as a celebrity interview, not as a political interview.”

It is impossible to imagine any question-and-answer session with Trump successfully avoiding politics. King, however, said his political interviews were reserved for “politicizing”, his 2013 bi-weekly show Hulu by Ora TV – and distributed through the Russian state-funded television network RT America. King insisted that RT had never interfered so much in “politics”, with interviewees facing questions about its financial relationship with the Russian government and its agenda (such as when Trump appeared on King’s show before the 2011 election to dismiss the US intelligence community). Russia is behind hacking the committee’s emails Was evaluated).

King’s name recently made headlines for a completely different reason: in the 1993 episode of CNN’s “Larry King Live,” they accused Red’s mother, Joe Biden, of sexual harassment, a charge he denied – after he was called “prominent senator.” Ask her daughter for advice on whether to go public with her “problems”. King said he had “absolutely no memories”, noting that he had hosted thousands of shows while on CNN.

According to Larry King, his new promotion on podcasting is not about money. “I like interviews. I’ve been doing this all my life … I like to ask questions, “he said. Despite the lockdown rule being in effect, King will record podcasts from his L.A. home, where he will give” Politicizing “and general-interest speeches” Larry King Now keep “.

Justice, who is currently driving 4Forty4 from his Beverly Hills home, is involved with Larry King by chance. Justice said of Larry King, “He’s a legend, he’s an icon – and he doesn’t have a podcast. We can create a complete distribution center for him to reach more people than he can reach CNN or Hulu.” “

Jeff Trial is best known for a Laudeville-style live theater attraction and Becher Madhouse after settling in Las Vegas for several years. Name presentation. He continues to provide celebrity-related consulting services with governments to promote tourism, including in the Dominican Republic and Kenya: “I can’t wait for the travel ban to be lifted,” Justice said.

Other 4 Forty 4 media podcasts in the essays include stand-up comedian Jeff Ross and “Thick Skin” with “Weight Loss Journey” and directed by Judgment, who says he once weighed more than 400 pounds and is now closer to his target of 175. I lived in a hotel room for 20 years of my life, ”Justice said.

The goal of the trial is to program the podcast seven days a week, focusing on themes such as sports, health, music, lifestyle and politics. He says he talks to podcast distributors and advertising agencies for the shows.

Like King, Justice has claimed that the initiative is “not about money – it’s the biggest distribution and the most listened to. If it means it’s put on Apple podcasts and every single platform, we’ll do it.” There are no investors and are working on a “fat” operating budget.

Over the past two years, podcasting has put pressure on an increasing curve of listeners after slowly erupting for more than a decade. This week, controversial host and comedian Joe Rogan, whose podcast has consistently been hailed as one of the most popular in the industry – has announced that he will bring the “Joe Rogan Experience” exclusively under a multi-year deal, specifically priced at more than 100. Million.

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