October 20, 2021


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Latido Films Pickup ‘Immersion’ with Alfredo Castro’s debut trailer

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Adopted by Latido Films at last year’s San Sebastian Film Festival, Chile’s biggest star and regular Pablo Lauren, led by Alfredo Castro, has dropped the first trailer for the Chilean suspense-thriller “Immersion”, which Diversity Bow exclusively.

The first feature of Nicholas Postiglion, which he co-wrote with co-filmmakers Augustine Toscano (“The Snatch Thief”) and Moises Sepalveda (“The Illiterate”), revolves around a father, Ricardo, who is surrounded by his two teenage daughters. Took home on the shores of a lake in southern Chile. While sailing, they see a sinking boat where three local fishermen are screaming for help. Despite his daughters’ requests, he refuses to help the three men he considers suspicious.

The trailer opens on that view of the lake, its subsequent scenes that add to the excitement and suggests that his fears may not be unfounded at all. Or perhaps, that his superstition is that otherwise innocent people can act in their own defense.

In his director’s remarks, Postiglion explained: “I think one of the main sources of the way we behave in society is fear: we are usually on the defensive and what we choose is driven by feelings of intimidation.”

“We make mistakes about who our neighbors really are. We are often isolated and immersed in prejudices, which sometimes lead to violent behavior, “he said, adding that his main motivation was to explore class prejudices and observe how much these attitudes hinder the possibility of honest encounters between people.” “

The conflict between the father and his daughters, who forced him to return to save the fishermen, also explores issues of postglion generation and gender inequality.

“‘Immersion,’ as a concept and title, is intended to represent the experience of this film, which plunges the characters into a situation that becomes increasingly exciting, not really what is happening.”

The new production company, founded by Francisco Harvey, Daniela Raviola and Cepelveda and Isabel Orellana Araucaria Cine, Nicolas San Martin and Alejandro Wise’s Primate Lab, and Mexican Whiskey Ingredients, is produced by Chile’s Juntos Films.

Harvey, Orleana, Sepulveda, San Martin, Wise and Juan Bernardo Gonzalez produced whiskey.

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