March 25, 2023


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Laura Lynne talks about ‘Ozark’ Season 3, Jason Batman and Broadway – different

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Spoiler alert: The story below contains a description of a major story in the three seasons of “Ozark.”

Laura Lynne admits she doesn’t really want to be friends with her “Ozark” modified-arrogant Wendy Baird.

“Do I like to represent Wendy? Do I like to play Wendy? Exactly, “said Lynne, who received three Emmy nominations for her work on Netflix. Diversity And the iHart podcast “The Big Ticket”. “I love this part. I love this job. I love the people I work with. This is an exceptional experience. But do I want to know him? Absolutely not. “

In the three seasons that premiered in March, Wendy’s own brother, who was suffering from mental illness, was killed. “It’s a whole other level of intensity,” Lini says. “No question.”

Luckily, Lynne doesn’t take her work home with her. “We are all having such a good time,” he said. “If we were having a terrible time, if we didn’t like each other, the conditions would be bad, if our studio or our network or our producers didn’t treat us well, if we hated writing, it would stick to you. But it’s a great team and a skilled group that is proud of each other, and proud of what we’re doing and proud to do it together, it’s really great. “

Lynne’s co-star Jason Batman has directed 10 episodes of “Ozark,” but it’s not ready to do it anytime soon, “Never Say No,” he said. “But I somehow love what I do and I’m very happy to be able to do it. It’s not something I really wanted to follow.”

Speaking about Batman’s work behind the camera, Lynne said, “He’s a director who has a complete idea of ​​what should be on the set. He has decades of experience on the set, so he understands the relationship between an actor, the material, the crew, the work, the technology versus the creative. He has the balance of everything. He holds this balance really well and effortlessly. ”

Under his belt, four Tony nominated Broadway veterans, Lynne also spoke about the future of the New York theater community. In the last few months, the stages have darkened in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic. “The existence of theater is exactly human nature, but it’s going to be tough, and it’s going to take a long time,” Lynne says. “But it will be a great relief when part of this process starts to take care of itself. When they announced that Broadway would be closed, it was only when the seriousness of this whole situation really hit home for any of us involved with the theater. I mean, we knew it was a monument, a challenge we had to face.

You can listen to the full interview with Lini above. You can listen to “The Big Ticket” wherever you find iHeartRadio or your favorite podcasts.

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